Does hypnosis work online?


The more offers there are for online hypnosis and hypnotherapy, the more often the question arises as to whether it really works. Basically, the answer to the question: "Does hypnosis work online?" is yes. As someone who very often carries out hypnotherapy online, I can say this with great certainty. Hypnosis basically works the same whether it is experienced digitally or analog.

However, the question may refer to recorded or live hypnosis. Hypnosis on YouTube or via video chat with a hypnotherapist works differently, of course.

In addition, the goal can be different. Some simply want to get into a trance with hypnosis, others want changes through hypnosis.

In addition, the goal can be different. Some simply want to get into a trance with hypnosis, others want changes through hypnosis.

Effect of hypnosis

Basically, hypnosis has two effects, namely the creation of a trance and the influence on unconscious parts. The second effect belongs primarily to the category of hypnotherapy and is based on the first effect. In principle, it is possible to go into a hypnotic trance without a post-hypnotic change occurring. However, we cannot change anything hypnotically without a trance.

Both of these effects of hypnosis can be achieved via the internet. Anyone who has ever caught themselves in a trance, e.g. while watching online videos (even unrelated to hypnosis), knows that screens can be very hypnotic. People who are glued to their smartphones are often very absorbed in a trance. They tune out the world and focus on what is happening on the screen. We can use this in online hypnosis. The first effect is therefore certainly given with online hypnosis.

The second effect, namely the change, depends very much on the type of online hypnosis.

Types of hypnosis online

Now that we have evaluated the possible effects of hypnosis, we can look at the forms of hypnosis: recorded or live.


Recorded online hypnosis includes everything from videos to audio recordings. These are available in various qualities and on various topics on the Internet. Certain hypnotists have built their entire business on selling hypnosis mp3s. Now we can ask ourselves whether and why recorded hypnosis works online or not.

In principle, most hypnotic media can put people into a hypnotic trance. In most cases, the audio track is sufficient, as most people close their eyes for hypnosis anyway. This means that audio files can also function as hypnosis.

The question is not so easy to answer when it comes to the change process of this recorded hypnosis. This is because the second effect of hypnosis is not necessarily dependent on the subject, but on the person. If the recorded hypnosis is appropriate and permissive, it can certainly work. However, most of the hypnosis I have heard on the internet is often not very elegant. The more straightforward and commanding a hypnotherapy is, the less people, or their unconscious, are picked up by it. I always have clients who have listened to a lot of hypnosis on YouTube or similar without feeling any great effect. If what is said does not fit, then our unconscious often gets in the way and a certain mood may be created, but sometimes the effect cannot unfold.

The transformative function of hypnosis in this form of online hypnosis is therefore limited for many people. However, this does not mean that you cannot be hypnotized. Because everyone can be hypnotized with the right hypnosis


The hypnosis that works best online is not recorded. This means that the hypnotherapist can tailor his hypnosis to the reaction of the hypnotized person. In contrast to recording, individual characteristics can also be taken into account. Not everyone likes "the white of the snow-covered mountains" and not everyone relaxes to the "sound of the waves". Certain suggestions such as diving into the sea can even do more harm than good. In personal live hypnosis, these facts can of course be taken into account.

Does online hypnotherapy via video chat work?

One-to-one hypnotherapy via video chat is of course the most successful method of hypnosis online. In my experience, hypnotherapy sessions via video chat work just as well as those in person. Sometimes they even work better.

People are very good at allowing themselves to be influenced by their surroundings. The effect of hypnosis is therefore also linked to the environment. The skilled hypnotherapist naturally makes use of this: "Every time you walk through the door, your inner self will remind you that...". However, experience shows that this application is less effective than hypnosis at home. I have often experienced in my practice that someone has tied the change to the premises and the transfer to everyday life was more difficult. However, if someone with sleep disorders, for example, is lying in bed for hypnotherapy, this connection can become much stronger. I had a client with whom this happened and she was able to fall asleep free of insomnia because she automatically remembered the images of hypnosis in bed.


Hypnosis can work well online if you let it work on you in the right way. Hypnotherapy works just as well or even better online than in person.

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