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Online hypnosis and online hypnotherapy

The most common question I get is "Does hypnosis work online?". The answer to this is: "Yes".

Online treatment does not make the result less effective. We can achieve exactly the same results as if we were sitting in the same room.

However, certain preparations are needed for the optimal running of the sessions, which are of a more technical nature.

Hypnosis via video chat

In an online hypnosis we do the hypnosis over the Internet. We use video chat programs like Skype, Zoom or mostly Microsoft Teams. The conversation with video is very similar to the preliminary conversation in the office. The procedure of the online session is exactly the same as the procedure of a session in person.

Online hypnosis process

The procedure of a hypnotherapy sssion is as follows: 20-30 minutes preliminary talk followed by the formal trance.

In the preliminary discussion, we clarify everything that is relevant to the topic you bring with you.

What are the advantages of an online session?

Online hypnosis works equally well as in person. So the more important question for me is what are the advantages of online sessions?

Home sweet home

When someone first came to my practice for hypnosis or hypnotherapy, it was usually something exciting or thrilling. However, the practice was generally a foreign place.

For almost all people, their own home is a place where they feel comfortable and can usually relax. This is of course very helpful for successful hypnosis, because the inside often follows the outside.

In addition, it could sometimes happen that in the second session someone said: "Yes, now that we are sitting here again, everything is coming back". This means that the hypnotherapy has brought a change, but it could not yet be integrated into everyday life.

Of course, in offline hypnosis as a hypnotherapist, I make every effort to ensure that the successes of the trance also find their way into everyday life. However, as I said, there may be a certain dependence on location.

However, in online hypnosis therapy at home, this is an advantage. When the changed state and sensation are linked to one's home, we remember it more often.

For example, I was told that someone who was on his sofa during online hypnosis remembered the positive effective state every time he sat on the sofa.

In this way, hypnosis continues to have an effect in everyday life after the session and can thus lead to better results.

Saving time

In terms of practicality, an online session is of course a big time saver. This is probably why my appointments at 12:00 are the most popular. Finding a beneficial hypnosis experience during your lunch break would often not have been possible with a long commute. Online hypnosis makes it possible.

Online hypnosis worldwide

I have often had clients from all over the world. If you speak english, we can do effective online hypnosis.

All this is no longer necessary with online hypnosis. You can book appointments with Jan Mion no matter where you are in the world. This makes access to effective hypnosis even easier.

Also for people who cannot leave the house for health reasons, e.g. because they are badly on foot or e.g. a psychosomatic illness prevents them from doing so, can get access to an online hypnosis treatment via the Internet.

Online hypnosis experience

I must admit, I was skeptical about online hypnosis at the beginning. However, in 2020 I was forced to do online hypnotherapy as well. Much to my amazement, the sessions were equally successful as in person. Clients who have done hypnosis therapy both in person and over the Internet have shared their online hypnosis experiences with me. In summary, the feedback was, "It's just as good as in person, but only with headphones."

For more information, see Requirements.

What can be treated with online hypnosis?

In an online hypnotherapy session, the exact same issues can be addressed as in a regular session.

I see advantages especially for people who are afraid to leave the house or mingle with people. Online hypnosis for agoraphobia and the like can bring exactly the desired changes.

Online hypnosis to stop smoking

Online Hypnosis for revenge cessation runs the same as offline hypnosis for smoking cessation. The unconscious parts of the nicotine addiction are reduced and so is the desire to smoke. Thus, quitting smoking with hypnotherapy online can be just as easy as in the office.

Read more here: Hypnosis to stop smoking

Hypnosis online for weight loss

For most people, the place where weight loss attempts fail is their own home. The online hypnosis for weight loss can give decisive impulses here, because the hypnosis takes place exactly there. Thus, the unconscious mind remembers the hypnotic suggestions every time it comes to eating at home. This additional effect of online hypnosis can help even better than offline hypnosis.

More about losing weight with hypnosis here: Hypnosis for weight loss

The online hypnosis against stress

In case of stress, hypnosis online also helps to bring more peace into the system. Especially when you are stressed, it is worthwhile to hold the hypnosis session online to save time.

More here

Online hypnotherapy against nail biting

Hypnotherapy online can help to stop nail biting. Also via the Internet it is possible to give the appropriate suggestions to leave the nails alone.

You can find more information here: Hypnosis against nail biting

Online hypnosis for more self-confidence

Especially for introverts it can be advantageous to use online hypnosis for more self-confidence. Thus, you do not even have to go out of the house for better self-confidence.

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Requirements for online hypnosis

From a human side, an online hypnosis session needs exactly the same preparation as offline: Generally none.

If you want to write down what exactly is bothering you and what the goal of hypnosis should be, then this is helpful. But it is not necessary.


However, from a technical point of view, it needs certain preparation:

The most important thing is working headphones. Most computer speakers do not have good sound and it often sounds far away.

With certain clients, we tried both speakers and headphones, and the headphones performed significantly better.

So, good headphones are the most important step and wireless ones are the best.


The second is the environment. As written at the beginning, one of the advantages of online hypnosis is the familiar environment, mostly at home.

Many have also set up a place to work in their home office.

However, this is probably not the best place for a relaxing trance.

It is best to find a place for an online appointment where you can really lie or sit comfortably and which is associated with coziness instead of work. Preferably also a place where there are no disturbances from pets, children, partners or other roommates. The cell phone should also be set to at least silent for an optimal trance.

Internet connection

The Internet connection should work without interference, so that the hypnosis treatment online is a success. Jerks or disturbances can severely disrupt the trance.

Suitable energy

Also the device should be plugged in so that it does not turn off during the session. If the headphones are wireless, they should be charged beforehand.

How does online hypnosis feel?

Online hypnosis feels exactly the same as offline hypnosis. Here you sink a trance of suitable relaxation and depth.

Depending on the subject and the intent of the unconscious mind, this can range from daydreaming to complete absence of the conscious mind. Hypnosis can work either way.

How much does online hypnosis cost?

An online session with Jan Mion costs 150Fr. and lasts most of one hour.

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If you have any further questions about online hypnosis, or would like to book an appointment, please contact me using the contact form. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Questions and answers about hypnotherapy online

Does hypnosis work online

Yes, hypnosis also works online. As the hypnotic suggestions are mainly acoustic, they also work online. For a detailed explanation of this question, I have written an article: "Does hypnosis work online?"

Does hypnotherapy online work equally well?

Yes, with the right technical requirements, hypnotherapy online is just as effective as offline.

How does an online hypnosis session work?

An online hypnosis session runs in the same way as offline. Namely with a preliminary talk and the actual trance part.

How much does online hypnosis cost?

Online hypnosis with Jan Mion costs 150Fr and lasts one hour

For whom is online hypnosis suitable?

Online hypnosis is suitable for all people who are interested in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Hypnosis online is also particularly suitable for people who cannot (easily) leave the house.

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