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Hypnotherapy for more basic trust

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Build basic trust and let go of old problems.

Strengthen primal confidence

Those who lack basic trust will notice this sooner or later. At some point in life, that certain something is missing. Basic trust is the basis for most good feelings in life. It is also the basis for self-confidence and self-esteem.

It is said that one can build up the basic trust only in the earliest childhood. However, with the special properties of hypnosis it is possible to make up for missed basic trust.

What is primal trust from a hypnotic perspective?

Primal confidence is basically an inner atmosphere or mood. If the childhood atmosphere was positive, then the unconscious will retain this as the basic mood. The information about the nature of the world is transmitted to the child by the parents. This info is stored as a basic feeling in the unconscious and has the goal to prepare the child for life. Those who live in a cold world should not have too much confidence. However, if you are surrounded by loving and caring people, you can be a child at will.

Origin of the primordial trust

Toddlers do not yet have knowledge about how the world should be. However, they are still fully connected to their needs. These are quite similar for most of them. If these needs for security, nest warmth, etc. are met, then the child also experiences itself positively. It learns how good it can feel. That it gets what it needs and desires.

When the feelings are positively reciprocated, the child stays connected to the feelings. It realizes that these are desired and "good".

However, if the child's feelings, desires and needs are ignored or rejected, the child learns to lock them away or push them away. A deficiency in one or more areas occurs. The basic trust in the world is reduced. The child learns that his ego and feelings do not have a high value in the world.

Problems with lack of basic trust

If the basic trust is lacking, the basic state and feeling is not positive. This can show itself in many areas. Many things do not feel right or really good. Even professionally successful people can experience this lack by not feeling their success.

With a lack of basic confidence, you always seem to be behind. The general mood is not good and one is also rather fearful and not very robust. This fear can also express itself in anger when one has learned that sadness is weakness.

With a weak foundation, not much other trust can be built. Neither in oneself nor in others. If you have learned that you can be disappointed in the next person, you often find it difficult to build positive love relationships, for example.

Those who are not connected to their feelings, or who feel that they are less important, never really know if what they are doing is right.

There always seems to be something missing.

Rebuilding basic trust with hypnosis

The general opinion is that it is no longer possible to build the basic trust. However, those who have learned hypnosis know that it is always possible to change something. So we also say that it is never too late for a beautiful childhood.

Hypnosis gives us the opportunity to give ourselves what is still missing. This is not meant as a change of childhood memories, but as an improvement of the basic trust and the positive basic feeling.

With hypnosis we can address the innermost that has defied all odds. When we feel that something is missing, we know where it should be and how it should feel. Through this idea of purpose, it is also possible to get what has been missing from the outside from the inside.

Most of the time, we can hypnotically build the primordial trust in this way, even if childhood was not optimal.

With hypnotherapy to the basic trust

Hypnotherapy is not directly aimed at changing the memory of the past or forgetting what was, but it is mainly our goal to change what has been unconsciously learned from it. We cannot change the past, but we can change how we deal with it. We can draw different lessons and a different feeling from it.

The lack of the positive basic mood has arisen from the fact that the environment has taught us that it is not trustworthy. Whether it was caused by the parents or others: Somehow it has been taken over. This has taken place mainly because as a child you don't have the opportunity to leave your environment. So you had to adapt internally.

But if we approach it with the possibilities of the adult, a change is possible. In this way we open new ways to inner resources, which allow to tune the inner atmosphere positively.

New feelings

When we can let go of the old negative situations, it gives room for new, positive feelings. This inner mood also allows to change the view of oneself and to draw from the full.

Even if this seems unimaginable for many with a lack of basic trust: this is also connected with the realization that nothing is missing and that nothing has been broken within.

That is, as long as you have a pulse, it is possible to develop a new basic feeling.


Even with negative experiences as a child, it is possible to build a basic trust with hypnosis. Through the possibilities of hypnotherapy, we also have access to deeply rooted learning contents and can change them appropriately.

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