Hypnosis Applications

Hypnosis has many areas of application. Basically, hypnotherapy can help with anything that the unconscious mind can influence. 
This can be of both a psychological and physical nature.
For this reason, the following list is not exhaustive, as hypnosis can help almost anyone with almost anything.


With hypnosis you can free yourself from addictions and become free from dependence.

Hypnosis for allergies


Hypnosis can relieve symptoms or even cure allergies

Hypnosis fear


Conquer your fear and anxiety with hypnosis

Bad habits

Replace bad habits with good ones with the unconscious effect of hypnosis

Urvertrauen Hypnose

Basic trust

Use hypnosis to build a positive attitude and a strong inner atmosphere.

Hypnotherapy Burnout


Hypnosis can help you get back into a state of strength

Hypnosis for depression


Hypnosis helps with depression and depressive moods. In the process we direct the unconscious to positive feelings.

Hypnosetherapie Essstörungen

Eating disorders

Use the effect of hypnosis to change your eating habits positively.

Emotional dependence

Using hypnosis to release emotional dependency and develop the self for self-confidence, self-love and self-respect.

Hypnose gegen Angst vor Autofahren

Fear of driving

Get rid of your fear of driving with the effect in the unconscious mind

hypnosis for fear of flying wordcloud

Fear of flying

If you want to overcome your fear of flying with hypnosis you are at the right place. Get rid of your fear of flying with hypnosis.

Hypnosetherapie Höhenangst

Fear of heights

Overcome your fear of heights. Getting rid of fear of heights with hypnosis has already made many people dizzy.

Hypnose bei Minderwertigkeitskomplexen

Hypnosis against inferiority complexes

Dissolve feelings of inferiority in the hypnotic trance and find a healthy self-esteem

Hypnosis for cat allergy

Hypnosis for cat allergies

Use the power of hypnosis to reduce or completely resolve your cat dander allergy

Hypnosetherapie Liebeskummer

Hypnosis for lovesickness

Overcome heartache and end heartbreak with head and heart.

Hypnosis for medication addiction

Hypnosis for medication addiction

Overcome your drug addiction with hypnosis - for a healthy future!

Hypnose Perfektionismus ablegen

Hypnosis for perfectionism

Develop self-acceptance and a benevolent self-image on a subconscious level

Hypnosis for better sleep

Hypnosis for sleeping problems

Hypnosis helps to sleep deeply and restful

Hypnose gegen Lernblockaden


Hypnosis can be used to break down learning blockages and unconscious resources can be used. Hypnosis brings them to learning success

Hypnosetherapie Nägelkauen


If you want to stop biting your nails, hypnosis therapy is the right choice. By means of hypnosis we can stop the causes of fingernail biting.

Hypnosis for overthinking


Use hypnosis to get out of the whirlpool of thoughts and free yourself from excessive thinking


Reduce your pain with hypnosis

Performance anxiety

Leave your fear of performing behind you with hypnosis and find the way to enjoying showing yourself


Release the unconscious causes of procrastination and do what needs to be done with hypnosis

Hypnosis for more relaxation


Hypnosis helps to become more relaxed and to develop the inner peace to have calmness in all situations in life

Self confidence

With hypnosis you can build up the healthy self-confidence that will help you in all areas of life.

Hypnosetherapie Schüchternheit


Leave shyness behind and become confident with hypnosis.

Sking Pic

Skin Picking

Solve the unconscious causes of skin picking and learn to leave your skin alone

hypnosis stop smoking wordcloud


Stop smoking under hypnosis. Now with hypnosis therapy become a permanent non-smoker. Without any side effects.

Soziale Angst Phobie Hypnose Hypnosetherapie

Social Anxiety

Hypnosis helps with social anxiety and social phobia

Weight loss

Lose weight with hypnosis

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