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Hypnotherapy against the fear of driving

With Jan Mion

As with all fears, hypnosis can help to bring the unconscious to rest even behind the wheel

Anxiety free driving with hypnosis

Fear of driving can get in the way quite a bit. The freedom that a car gives you can be very clouded by your fear of driving. Sometimes you even lose it altogether, namely when you have to stop driving because of the fear. Often those affected are ashamed or afraid of being ridiculed. For example, according to the motto "What the 16-year-old American can do, I should have been able to do for a long time.

But driving anxiety can affect anyone, even those who were previously the most casual drivers. Also, driving anxiety is not an indication of mental weakness, on the contrary, as I will show later. Unfortunately, even driving schools use the official expression "scaredy-cat", which does not help self-confidence either. Despite this, or because of this, hypnosis is very often successful.

If you are interested in how hypnotherapy can help with your anxiety, then you should read on.

I can say in advance: Hypnosis is a very good way to treat driving anxiety.

What is driving anxiety?

Fear of driving is a specific fear, but it can have many manifestations. The so-called amaxophobia ranges from a queasy feeling to total panic when you are behind the wheel yourself. Somewhat less frequently, the fear applies to the car in general, i.e. even if one is a passenger.

In addition, the fear of driving can also only manifest itself in certain situations, such as for city dwellers from Zurich only on the highway or, conversely, only in places with many pedestrians. Construction sites, highway entrances, tailgaters or observers can also be triggers for the fear.

Fear of driving can also be related to other fears, such as claustrophobia or fear of tunnels. Especially in Switzerland, there is also fear of driving in combination with fear of heights, for example on narrow mountain roads.

All in all, driving anxiety is a very multifaceted fear in which many things can come together. That is why it makes sense to include all aspects involved in the treatment.

The emergence of driving anxiety from a hypnotic point of view

There are many theories and experiences about how driving anxiety arises. Sometimes it can be due to a bad experience, sometimes you do not know why it arose.

What is clear from the hypnotic point of view is that for some reason the unconscious has declared this situation to be a danger.

The most different expressions probably conclude from the fact that man has not been driving a car for a long time. That a bear is dangerous when we meet it in the forest and therefore we should rather be afraid is crystal clear for our inner being. How we should handle an iron carriage weighing tons, which we can accelerate to 200 km/h and we steer with arm and foot movements, there is no unconscious patent remedy for that. So this fear can take so many forms.

Certain character traits can naturally favor the development.

In my experience, many people with driving anxiety have a good imagination. Even if they sometimes don't consciously realize it. Because to be able to imagine what could happen, you need a good imagination.

Also, people with driving anxiety often have a tendency to control things. As I said at the beginning, people with driving anxiety often have a strong head. However, this can lead to anxiety in an instinct-driven activity like driving.

It can become even worse if one wants to control the processes of the conscious mind with the conscious mind and then becomes completely blocked. For example, if one feels the glances of other road users, so to speak, then this can quickly trigger sweaty hands or the like.

The unconscious then wants to protect from the danger from now on. Whether this is the danger of a misfortune or of being overwhelmed or of being stared at does not play such a big role.

As with other dangers, the unconscious does this with feelings. It can be anything from great respect to panic fear. And the more often this is repeated, the worse the fear can become.

The panic attacks while driving don't feel like that, but paradoxically they are actually an attempt of the unconscious to protect against danger. So if we want to get rid of the fear of driving, we have to create a feeling of safety in the unconscious again. Hypnosis is very suitable for this purpose.

Driving without fear with hypnosis

Hypnosis for fear of driving

Whatever has triggered the danger recognition in the car, with hypnosis we can overwrite it again. Depending on the composition and manifestation of the driving fear, the treatment is composed by the hypnotherapist. The individual aspects of driving anxiety should be taken into account. Someone who has heart palpitations before construction sites should be treated differently in certain areas than someone who has panic attacks on the highway.

At the same time, there are also certain aspects that are similar in many sufferers of driving anxiety.

Positive images with hypnosis

Fears can arise not only from what has happened, but also from what might happen. Many people with driving anxiety often have internal images or imaginings of possible accidents or mishaps. This often switches the unconscious mind into danger recognition mode before anything has even happened.

When this is the case we use hypnosis to make the inner images positive, to use one's imagination for something positive.

Giving yourself time behind the wheel

Time is relative. We have known that for a long time. However, when you sit in the car and let yourself get stressed, everything seems much faster, which can lead to even more stress and blockages. That is why we often change the sense of time in hypnotherapy. So that you feel you have all the time in the world to do the right thing behind the wheel.

Develop a thick skin when driving

In order to stay cool in all situations on the road, we sometimes need a thick skin. To let this grow is possible with hypnotherapy against fear while driving. So that we can maintain our own pace even in the most honking tailgater.

Trust the unconscious

Especially if you are afraid of accidents or distrust your own driving ability, there is often a certain insecurity towards your own unconscious parts at play. It is clear that many aspects of driving are based on a certain inner autopilot. This also does many things unconsciously.

Building trust in our own autopilot can be very helpful. Hypnosis allows us to make contact and negotiate who is in the driver's seat.

If you trust the unconscious habits and processes, the negative feelings while driving usually disappear as if by themselves.

Mental confrontation training

In orthodox driving anxiety management, confrontation training is often recommended. This means that one should confront the situation that triggers the fear. The problem with this is that many people are so blocked by their fears that it is not even possible to overcome the fear in a safe setting.

Here, too, hypnosis provides a remedy. Because with hypnosis we can create inner images that are very realistic for the unconscious. Thus, sitting in the hypnosis chair, we can confront ourselves with all that scares us.

Conclusion Get rid of driving anxiety with hypnosis

For those who have already tried many other things, or who want to tackle the problem directly at the root, hypnotherapy is highly recommended. With the unique possibilities of hypnosis it is possible to drive again without fear. When the unconscious is on board you can sit behind the wheel again in peace.

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