Hypnosis for eating disorders

Use the effect of hypnosis to change your eating habits positively.

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Hypnosis therapy against eating disorders

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Treat the eating disorder at the root with hypnosis therapy of unconscious processes.

Hypnosis against problematic eating behaviours

Eating disorders from the perspective of hypnosis

For a long time, food was one of the most important components of human life. In the past, a large part of the day had to be spent on the procurement of food. For this reason it is not surprising that food is also related to identity.

There is even the saying "You are what you eat". Maybe that's why eating disorders are often hard to get rid of. In any case, in the hypnotic view of eating disorders, identity and self-esteem play an important role. If the associated feelings are negative, they are often balanced by the unconscious with food.

The inappropriate eating behavior is thus often the attempt of the unconscious to create balance in emotional one-sidedness. Especially clients who are convinced that their food consumption has only something to do with e.g. stimulus of sweets are often surprised how deep it can go.

This means that various negative feelings can be directed towards food or control over food. Not infrequently, these also originate in a negative self-image or body image.

Only in the rarest of cases does this concern the food itself. That is why hypnosis therapy is used more deeply for eating disorders.

Finding the right limits

One's own identity is not only felt internally, but is also carried to the outside world.

This means that appropriate boundaries must also be drawn for the definition of one's own identity.

If your own limits are drawn too tight or too loose, this can lead to problems. Because if you control yourself too tightly or too little, this can often have an influence on your eating behaviour.

With bulimia or binge eating, for example, in certain cases it is the case that those affected control themselves firmly until the unconscious takes over completely and simply stuffs in the food.

In many cases, this is due to the fact that one has to take oneself back and should not draw boundaries for "the others". With anorexia, in many cases the food is also used to gain control. So, so to speak, too narrow limits are drawn when the influence is missing elsewhere.

If you draw the line too narrow, it can also lead to the feeling that you are missing something. This lack or inner "hole" is then often filled with food. This may be useful in the first moment, but if this becomes the only way of dealing with oneself, it can develop into an eating disorder.

This self-control can, of course, also be an attempt to control how others react to you. Often the "I don't want to get fat" is actually the desire not to be rejected. This aspect of eating disorders also often has to do with one's own limits. Being able to stop doing things that are not good for you is an important skill. Thus, certain treatments of an eating addiction also have a similarity to treatment of addiction with hypnosis.

Hypnosis therapy against eating disorders

As different as eating disorders can be, the causes often lie in the unconscious. This means that the conscious mind has little influence on these issues. This also means that the pure understanding of the problem often does not help much.

That is why hypnotherapy focuses on changes at the level of the unconscious. On this level of feelings the first step is often to develop a positive, strengthened feeling for oneself. The methods of hypnosis can address these unconscious parts, which ultimately regulate the eating behaviour.

In order to draw a line under self-damaging behaviour, you should also know what you need. In this way, the energy that is used to control yourself can be used to achieve something positive.

Positive body awareness

A positive, supportive basic feeling can ensure that what was previously supplied from the outside, now comes from the inside. Experiencing oneself as complete and complete can help to develop a healthy body feeling.

This often makes room for mental self-healing. The negative thoughts about oneself can thus be discarded many times.

The contact with the unconscious is also helpful to be connected with your feelings. Learning to accept these helps to avoid having to shove them down with food. They fill up, so to speak, the emptiness that was previously filled with food.


Due to the effect in the unconscious, hypnosis can achieve great success in eating disorders. Even with those people who have already tried many other things. A healthy approach to food often reflects a healthy approach to oneself. That is why hypnosis therapy can bring food into a sensible balance. Who realizes that it is usually not only about food, but about emotions also comes away from the clumsy attempt to lose weight with hypnosis.

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