Hypnosis against performance anxiety and stage fright

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Hypnosis therapy against fear of public speaking

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Hypnosis for performance anxiety and stage fright

Hypnosis can help with stage fright to stay calm or maybe even enjoy the limelight.

The fear of public speaking or stage fright is familiar to most people.

There is hardly anyone who was not nervous about standing in front of people before a big moment. No matter if it is a lecture, presentation, oral exams or musical or other performances, the tension has its place.

Even with training and practice it is difficult to get rid of this queasy feeling completely. However, hypnosis helps to use the adrenaline for optimal performance. The goal is to create a joyful excitement out of the fear of performing by means of hypnosis therapy.

For this we need to know how the unconscious reacts to appearances.

Performance anxiety from a hypnotic perspective

Hypnosis for stage fright
What the unconscious imagines during performance anxiety

The fear of appearances is not necessarily logical, rational or meaningful, so we look for the causes best in the unconscious. This has evolved over the millennia to protect us from danger, whether it exists only in our imagination or not.

Every risk causes at least nervousness and standing in front of people is basically a risk. It is therefore not surprising that the unconscious reacts with a certain caution.

So stage fright has a useful component. With the right amount of adrenaline, we can make our system perform at its best.

However, when the reaction turns into full anxiety and the reaction blocks the performance, one can speak of an anxiety disorder. Reactions like trembling, sweating, blushing or stuttering can indicate this. Also often described is an anxiety blockade where all preparation seems to be blown away. Many would like to sink into the ground. The stress blocks the fluent speaking.

This also makes sense from an unconscious point of view, because the person has hidden from most dangers or has run away. But scared stiff and with all the blood in the legs, it is not possible to make an optimal presentation.

So with hypnosis we have to make adjustments in our unconscious so that the stress only makes us awake and concentrated instead of fearful and paralyzed.

Hypnosis for stage fright

The methods of hypnosis and hypnotherapy can make the important difference in stage fright. I base my hypnosis therapy against performance anxiety in Zurich on proven and successful methods to reduce the fear. The insights gained from the nature of the unconscious help us to release the blockages.

Me and the audience

Many people with fears at performances see the audience as a kind of a threat or an enemy. If you think that the audience is threatening, then it makes sense for the unconscious to trigger a fear reaction. Especially when you feel small and helpless in the spotlight.

So the aim of the therapy with hypnosis for stage fright is to change the view of the audience. Particularly since often the listeners are also acquaintances or colleagues. To stand in front of your own herd is in itself a much smaller stress factor.

Whoever is on stage is literally has the say. Therefore it is also important to maintain the inner strength with this insight, even if we may have had bad experiences in the past.

Performance trance

Almost all successful performers tell about a kind of trance or flow state when they have their performances. In this state everything flows out of them in an optimal way and they can also interact with the audience.

This condition is not innate, but even the most shy person can learn to activate this within themselves. In hypnosis we practice the change into the performance trance and link it to the triggers that otherwise activated the fear of performing. Thus hypnosis works against fear against the normal processes and prevents the fear of speech or similar to become active at all.

Competent performance

All those who have an appearance should be aware that you should never take everything with you on stage. Whether a play or not, everyone in the centre of attention plays a role. This role should preferably have nothing that could disturb the performance. That's why we design our best performance-self with hypnosis. Neither the memory of the failed lecture from the third grade nor the quarrel with the colleague, nor any other fears and worries have any place on stage. That's why we leave out everything that has nothing to do with retrieving resources in the optimal performance state.

With a strengthened ego and a problem-free head, the fantasy can have a positive effect. The imagination of horror scenarios can give way to visualizations of positive results with hypnosis.

The fun of sharing

The main thing about successful lectures, performances, presentations and performances is sharing with the audience. Having fun with the audience is also an important part of a superior performance. That's why I also attach importance to invite the creativity of the unconscious to bring life into the performance. If you lose the thread or something goes wrong, it is always easier to bear it with a smile on your lips.


Hypnosis is very well suited for the treatment of performance anxiety and stage fright. With the direct effect in the unconscious, hypnosis therapy can start where logical thinking stops. For this reason, hypnosis therapy for stage fright has great chances of success

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