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Hypnosis helps to become more relaxed and to develop the inner peace to have calmness in all situations in life

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More inner peace and calmness with hypnosis

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Hypnosis therapy solves the causes of inner restlessness and helps to stay calm

Using hypnosis to achieve serenity

Hypnosis can be a good way to achieve more relaxation. With hypnosis for more calmness, relaxation and inner peace can be achieved. The hypnosis trance in itself is very calming and with the methods of hypnotherapy we can learn to be less disturbed by the environment.

Why is it difficult to stay calm and relaxed?

Stressed, irritated, annoyed, angry, fearful, panicky, all of this could be seen as the opposite of calmness. Of course fear and stress do not necessarily have the same triggers, but all these inner states usually have two similar causes.

Internal causes

If you don't have inner peace, it's difficult to be calmness. People with chaos inside can be agitated even in the most relaxed places.

I hear again and again from clients that they could not quite "calm down" even during holidays and in quiet surroundings.

Often in such situations there is an inner dialogue that comments and almost always evaluates everything, and that is negative.

This inner voice often stirs up so much that no serenity can develop.

These tendencies often arise when one has a strong desire for control. This can also include perfectionism when almost everything is not good enough. When this is gnawing at you, it becomes difficult with the relaxed inner mood.

Outside influences

Another cause of inner turmoil can be external influences.

If you cannot separate yourself well enough to keep what is outside out, this can have a negative effect on your inner mood. The unconscious fully accepts the environment, so to speak. The inner atmosphere is therefore fully accepted and kept even if the outside changes.

Noise, conflicts, difficult people and many other things that can come at us from outside can prevent calmness.

So if we want to get more calmness with hypnosis it makes sense to deal with these two aspects.

How does hypnosis help with calming down?

Now that we know the causes we can also talk about how hypnosis can help to be more relaxed in such cases.

Because with hypnosis we can lead into a trance and give suggestions to the unconscious. These suggestions can cause fundamental changes. This also in areas where the conscious mind has no access.

If you just consciously tell yourself to calm down, it usually does not help. Because the feelings are controlled by the unconscious.

Calm state

Often hypnosis is the direct path to inner relaxation. This can be the first step to inner peace. You can also learn what it takes to calm yourself down. Findings that you can later use for example for self-hypnosis.

But it is also important to take this inner relaxation out of the hypnotic trance into everyday life.

Grow a thick skin

Someone who doesn't let anything upset him or her, we call someone with a thick skin.

Even if the environment is hectic or unpleasant, someone with a thick skin can still stay calm.

So we let the skin grow thick in the figurative sense. In hypnosis we have different methods for this. Thereby the unconscious learns how to keep the outside out.

You also learn calmness when you can determine yourself what touches and what bounces. I consciously say "learn" because when we can close it is a question of balance where we do it and where we don't. In other words, we learn to differentiate between what we let in and what we don't.

More stress resistant

The unconscious is actually very good at filtering negative environmental influences. Sometimes, however, it is blocked by beliefs or "you should rules". If you have learned, for example, that you should always be nice to everybody, it becomes difficult to defend yourself against difficult people and to keep them out.

If, on the other hand, we use hypnosis to allow the unconscious to do it in it's nature intended way, environmental influences are no longer a problem. So by letting go we gain influence and we can use hypnosis to become more resistant to stress.

Whoever has a thick skin can also remain in inner peace and calmness in conflicts or beside someone using a jackhammer.

Resolution of inner conflicts with hypnosis therapy

However, if the noise comes from inside, hypnosis therapy is also needed. Because if we are not a team with our unconscious, this can lead to permanent inner conflicts. This for example known as the conflict between heart and head.

If we resolve these inner conflicts, the inner restlessness can be dissolved. If the conscious and unconscious parts have the same views, the inner dialogue can also be silenced. With the right hypnotic treatment, this feeling of being at peace within can be developed.

This state is often called "being in harmony with yourself". When we stop spending energy on pushing certain things away, we are more able to use our energy where it is important. With the inner balance comes the focus, which allows us to fully stand up for ourselves. And this with full inner peace.

Since the unconscious is fast and creative, the ability to improvise improves with the whole. So it is also no longer necessary to control everything. Because if you are good at improvising, you can cope with almost all circumstances and we can accept things as they are. And if something doesn't fit at all, it is made to fit.

Calmness through hypnosis

As already mentioned, calmness is also a matter of practice. Once we have resolved the basics of tension, it sometimes takes time to remain calm in all situations.

In my experience as a hypnotherapist, the changes come in waves, sometimes accompanied by doubts about "am I allowed to be this way?". However, once the unconscious is on the path of change, it can and should hardly be stopped.

The calming effect is also often seen in various areas of life. I have often been told of experiences where something was no longer taken too seriously and then suddenly change was possible.

One can be curious.

Conclusion Hypnosis for being more relaxed

Hypnosis is absolutely the right way to more calmness. There where meditation and mindfulness etc. are difficult for beginners, hypnosis gives the possibility to be led into a relaxed trance where it usually just works.

Also the inner positive changes can be stimulated with hypnosis so that calmness can occur throughout life.

Come by and find your inner peace.

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