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Weight loss with hypnosis

More and more people want to lose weight with hypnosis.

You know that every attempt to lose weight begins in the mind. By that I don't necessarily mean the will. Of course it has to be right. But much more important for successful weight loss are the unconscious parts, because otherwise you won't get very far even with a lot of self-control.

If you wish to be able to lose a certain amount of kilos or pounds, then my question is how you came up with this number of kilos. Often the answer is that this is the feel-good weight. From this we conclude that most of the time the desire to lose weight is actually the desire to feel good in your own body.

There are hundreds of tips and tricks for losing weight. But all tips and tricks are useless if the inside is not right.

Often the excess weight has unconscious components. This can be one of the reasons why previous diet and weight loss attempts have failed. With hypnosis we can solve exactly these inner causes.

How does hypnosis help you lose weight?

Hypnosis helps with so many things that have to do with the inner and the unconscious. And the desire for food, like everything in our body, is controlled by the unconscious. In the history of mankind, it has been important that we have sought the most nutritious foods in order to survive. The more calories a food has, the more happiness hormones we get.

This can lead to problems if the feelings of happiness are missing in other places. Then the unconscious uses the calories not only for nutrition but also to compensate in other ways.

For this reason, it is important to fully engage our unconscious in the weight reduction process. With hypnosis this is very well possible.

Losing weight with hypnosis in Zurich

So that even without torturing yourself the kilos fall, I offer hypnosis to lose weight in Zurich. In my practice at Bahnhof Enge you can make the adjustments that help you lose weight effectively. In order for it to take place without great suffering and without hunger, all parts of the unconscious must be ready to lose weight.

Simply hoping for a miracle with the twentieth attempted diet is futile. Hypnosis is not magic either. In order for the success to be sustainable, we must not only change our eating habits, but also make unconscious changes.

No more dieting

A diet is useless if you have to be very hard on yourself to stick to it.

Maybe they manage to lose weight for a short time, but the yoyo effect usually occurs as soon as you return to your daily diet.

It is often the case that the more radical the diet was, the faster the kilos come back. If you starve yourself slim, your unconsciousness switches to famine and your metabolism changes.

The ideal weight is therefore not maintained for long. Diets are therefore often pointless if they are not accompanied by a general, permanent change in thinking and eating habits. In my experience, you don't have to pay much attention to nutrition if you make the appropriate changes in other areas of life.

Anyone who makes an effort with something, of course, wants to see results quickly. This is understandable, but fast thinning is usually not particularly recommended. If you still have the mental heaviness, the success will not be long lasting. But as soon as you are mentally ready to lose weight (which requires more than just "wanting" to) it can happen very quickly.

Once the mental blocks and dissatisfaction are gone, weight loss is usually no longer a tedious, slow process. It is not uncommon that you do not even notice how you lose weight anymore. If the course is set in the head when losing weight under hypnosis, a lot of healthy things can become a habit.

Causes for excess weight

For every person with too much on their ribs, there's a reason it happened this way. Nobody woke up one morning suddenly with a thick layer of fat.

Most people also know which foods are healthy and which are not. However, the motivation to eat healthy is not the basic condition for many people.

The increase is a gradual process. And as with everything that creeps, one often does not know the reasons for it. Of course you can say that you have consumed more calories than you have used. To come to this conclusion you don't have to be a physicist or a good hypnotherapist.

However, the unconscious reasons for being overweight are often not clearly apparent. Most of the time an imbalance has arisen somewhere in life. Very often it is a vicious circle that leads to the failure of diet and weight loss attempts. The most important thing for lasting success is therefore to solve inner inconsistencies. To a certain extent, losing weight works similar to the process of addiction treatment with hypnosis.

Therefore the first step in losing weight with hypnosis is to search for the deeper causes.

Advantages of hypnosis for weight loss

Unfortunately there are many ideas that hypnosis works like a magic weight loss pill. This is not so.

But hypnosis has advantages over other weight loss methods.

Those who decide to lose weight are by definition dissatisfied with their weight.

And people with weight problems especially do something when they are dissatisfied: They eat. This is also the end of some diets: if you force yourself to eat differently than you want, then stress is created.

This stress is then usually compensated with fatty or sugary food. On top of that, it can also be that one feels ashamed or feels like a failure. The spiral of negative feelings goes on and on. Losing weight thus becomes a very unpleasant experience and in the end you are sometimes worse off than before.

So the goal is that we approach the matter with satisfaction. The "inner bastard" should therefore not be fought, but invited to participate in losing weight.

The hypnosis therapy makes it possible to adjust the feelings towards one's own body and towards food in a way that makes a healthy weight loss possible.

With hypnosis I create the report between the wishes of the conscious mind and the workings of the unconscious. If the conscious and the unconscious mind are ready to work as a team, then weight problems can be tackled without much dissatisfaction or effort.

The "I have to lose weight" can turn into "I can lose weight". With satisfaction and balance, eating habits change almost by themselves. It is often the case that unhealthy foods physically resist you and you are almost disgusted by them. Because the underlying problems are solved, the ideal weight achieved in this way can then be easily maintained.

Eating healthy food every time will be a success you can be proud of. If there are good feelings behind it, that motivates and drives you. This is what makes losing weight with hypnosis so effective and lasting in contrast to conventional diets or similar.

For these reasons, losing weight with hypnosis brings us not only long lasting results but also many positive changes in other areas of life. Thus, a healthy change of diet becomes a happy change of life.

Change of life

Mostly too much is eaten to compensate for some other negative aspects in life. Eating gives short-term satisfaction, but the long-term effects land only on the hips. Besides, you never have enough if you don't treat the underlying problem.

That is why it is so important to analyze the whole life in the hypnotic treatment of obesity. Personally, I am not necessarily fond of treatments such as the hypnotic gastric band. Because this is often only symptom control. I see obesity more as a signal that something else is going wrong. That there is a certain inner heaviness.

When we bring our thinking, behaving and feeling into balance, it is more a change of life than a change of diet. If this does not suit someone, then it will generally be difficult to reach the desired weight.

Not just weight reduction

Sometimes the subject of losing weight can overshadow your whole life and diminish all joy. It can even go so far that someone can make the success of their day dependent on whether the scales show a plus or a minus.

If the thighs or stomach have too much fat, it can put you in a bad mood.

The dissatisfaction with one's own body then brings bad mood into all situations in life. If one then totally supervises oneself and all enjoyment is forbidden, it is only intensified. But if you also feel guilty because you have e.g. eaten chocolate, there will be bad feelings again.

With hypnosis the focus can usually be directed away from the negative to positive things. The focus can come out of the tunnel vision of losing weight.

The weight loss happens in the background, so to speak, out of an unconscious habit. My experiences with losing weight under hypnosis show me that the thoughts of people who want to lose weight are not only about losing weight after the first session. Many also report that they can sleep better This makes room for personal growth in all situations in life.

Search outside, find inside.

If we use the resources inside us properly, we do not need anything from the outside. So most people already have everything they need. This also applies to achieving the feel-good weight.

All we have to do is know where to look. Each person can find the answers for himself if he looks inside.

Sometimes it's hard to tackle what really bothers you. Often there is also a certain sadness. It is often difficult to address this, but maybe it is time to do so. We know: Shortcuts usually don't bring the desired results.

So that there is no more shifting into eating, you have to face what is weighing you down.

Either way: I will accompany you on every step of the way, even if it becomes difficult.

Conclusion slimming with hypnosis therapy

Hypnosis can be a very good method to lose weight sustainably. With the right approaches this can also bring lasting success. With hypnosis, the course is set in the unconscious in order to be able to get rid of mental and physical weight in a healthy way. The advantage of the treatment from the ground up is that the risk of relapse is reduced.


Can I just lose weight under hypnosis?

Yes, it is possible to lose weight easily with hypnosis. However, the whole answer is somewhat longer.

Sometimes there are clients who think that I as a hypnotherapist snap my fingers once, they faint and when they wake up they never want to eat sweets again. That they then wake up the next day without effort and are never hungry again.

That they can live and eat exactly the same way without getting fat. However, my treatments in Zurich are not in the same dream category as "losing weight while sleeping" or diet pills. Losing weight can often be a challenging topic, because a lot of things usually work together.

Cutting off all the old pigtails takes time and effort. Who is not willing to use this will almost inevitably be disappointed. This is then not good for the client or for me. So if you want to lose weight with hypnosis therapy, you have to be willing to change something.

Hypnosis can solve many blockades and overcome obstacles, but only if you are willing to do so. But with the right motivation and willingness to change, hypnosis can bring great and lasting results.

What can I expect from losing weight with hypnosis?

Losing weight with hypnosis helps to adjust unconscious processes to a healthy weight. This stops excessive hunger or overeating. The desire for unhealthy food is also reduced. In return, other aspects of losing weight are often strengthened, such as the sense of health.

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