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Whether after a breakup or unrequited love: hypnosis helps.

Hypnosis for breakup pain

Hypnosis helps get over a broken heart when you are heartbroken.

It is well known how difficult it can be to deal with heartbreak. The pain and sadness that comes with a breakup, toxic relationship, or unrequited love can be very stressful and difficult to deal with on your own. If you are currently in this difficult situation, hypnosis can be a professional help for heartbreak to help you overcome your heartache and heal your broken heart.

Hypnosis can help release negative thoughts and emotions that keep you from forgetting about your ex-partner and moving on. By diving deep into your subconscious mind, we can find new perspectives and solutions to help you overcome your heartbreak.

I understand that every heartbreak is different and that there is no cure-all. That's why each of my hypnosis sessions is individually tailored to my clients' specific needs and desires. Together, we will work on the core issues and create positive changes in your thinking and behavior to help you on the path to a happier and more fulfilling life.

So if you want to get rid of your heartbreak and start new ways of self-confidence and independence, hypnotherapy for heartbreak is a good idea. Contact me to make an appointment and let's work together to help you feel better and find love and joy in your life again, even if you are single.

Heartache and grief can also trigger physical symptoms. Here, too, hypnosis is a suitable therapy method.

Can hypnosis help with heartbreak?

No matter in which phase: whether the first shock is over, you are still in the middle of it or if the heartbreak has been going on for a very long time: if you want to overcome your heartbreak, hypnosis is a good choice.

We can use the power of hypnosis to ease breakup pain, to fade the ex or exes, to deal with the end of a relationship, and to put a broken heart back together. What is not often possible is the direct forgetting or hypnotic removal of the unhappy love, it is mostly a kind of "overwriting" in the brain, replacing the painful with something more positive.

Hypnosis works in the realm of the unconscious, that is, in the realm of feelings. Where rational thinking has no influence, we can make progress with hypnosis.

Physical discomfort due to lovesickness

In hypnosis we know that body and mind are connected. Therefore, we know that unrequited love or a breakup has not only psychological consequences such as listlessness or depression.

The best known is that heartbreak hits the stomach. Loss of appetite, weight loss and even diarrhea can be a consequence. Physical pain such as the well-known "heartache" or brook pain can also occur.

In the first time this can be part of it, but if it does not go away for a longer time, you should get professional help. Hypnotherapy is recommended for this. It is not always possible to fully let go with hypnosis love, but it can help to deal with it better.

Heal broken heart with hypnosis

A broken heart, at the end of a relationship or otherwise, can have a great impact on one's life.

The feeling that something is missing is often very pronounced in heartbreak. This means that one of the main goals of hypnotherapy for heartbreak is to strengthen the feeling of totality.

"What has come from the outside can also come from the inside" is one of our mottos.

Thus, perhaps in the depths of heartbreak, one may feel that one can no longer exist without the loved one, or that at least something will always be missing.

However, if we use hypnosis to reassemble the broken heart into a whole, you will realize that everything is actually there. Therapy against heartbreak includes first of all the area of self-care.

That is, we also aim to make you feel with yourself as you did before with the other person. Self-respect and the resulting self-love are important for letting go.

No matter how bad the breakup or even the pain of separation is, there is always a healing possible and also an outlook to a positive future.

Overcoming heartbreak is often divided into different phases. In all phases of heartbreak hypnotherapy can help to make optimal progress.

The first shock

The first shock of a broken heart makes everything else fade away in the first moment. The shock of heartbreak makes it difficult to move on at the first moment.

In the first moment it can be that a kind of shock state arises with which the self-confidence dwindles. Furthermore, this phase is often characterized by longing, anger and loneliness. Or a kind of numbness develops, which is almost worse.

Most people withdraw more and more when heartbroken.

With clients of mine who have been in this state, it is sometimes important to find access to the feelings again, even if they may hurt at first. Because only when we are really in the feelings, we can change something about them.

The full sensing of the feelings is very important for processing and letting go. The hypnotic trance can help to make this connection but also to keep it positive. It is also important to rebuild self-confidence to be able to take further steps. In many cases, it is beneficial to develop the same love and care that was previously given to someone else, now for yourself too? This also helps to remain steadfast and to really draw a line and to stand up for one's own well-being.

They say "every goodbye hurts". That's why it's important to stick with it even if it hurts at first.

In order to create a full separation and not drag anything along, I usually set a time frame of grieving with my clients. It is really allowed to be a crying misery and to feel through everything enough.

Thus, nothing is suppressed, as well as the heartbreak is not unnecessarily protracted.

New naturalness

Even though we work a lot with feelings in hypnosis, in the next phase it is also important to include the rational.

When we miss someone, we tend to idealize them and block out the negative, focusing only on the love that has passed. The more you focus on the feeling, the more heartbreak hurts.

If we create an optimal balance between heart and head with hypnosis, then it is possible to see the whole thing from a different perspective. We change the focus and the inner orientation, so to speak.

The longing for the ex-partner can often be a longing for the idea of a partner and not the longing for the person himself. This has often triggered the heartbreak in the first place. Instead of mourning the ideal image, a rational view should be important.

So it is also possible to fade him or her out and not be reminded of everything anymore.

Anger, loneliness and heartbreak are important feelings to feel, but they are not the best guides for the future. That is why in hypnotherapy for heartbreak, it is also important to develop a new understanding of oneself. When one understands oneself, then we can also create a self that can do without the ex or exes.

New plans

Most of the future plans that have been made usually include the ex-partner. All these ideas are often additionally painful. When thinking about the future, feelings are often triggered by the fantasy of what could have been.

An important step in hypnotherapy is creating a new future without the other person. In this process, thoughts about the future and heartbreak should be separated.

To achieve what we want, we usually need to know what it looks like.

The positive image of the future then helps, so to speak, as a compass to find out of the temporary love low and to overcome the heartbreak.

Conclusion hypnosis for lovesickness

Hypnosis can be of great help in overcoming heartbreak. With the methods of hypnotherapy, the pain in the heart can be relieved at any stage. If you want to put your heart back together again, hypnosis can help you.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

What to do about heartbreak?

There are many ways to deal with heartbreak, such as professional help, self-care, distraction, support from friends and family.

How dangerous is heartbreak?

Heartbreak can be very stressful and painful, but it is usually not dangerous to your physical health.

Does hypnotherapy help with heartbreak?

Yes, hypnotherapy can be an effective way to help people deal with heartbreak.

Can you forget heartbreak through hypnosis?

Hypnosis can help let go of negative thoughts and emotions that come with heartbreak, but it's unlikely that you'll be able to completely forget about it.

When does heartbreak pass?

Heartbreak is individual and there is no fixed window of time when it will pass. It can take weeks, months or even years for it to subside. If the heartbreak becomes too strong or affects your life too much, it is a good idea to get professional help.

What to do when heartache does not go away?

If lovesickness lasts longer than expected, it makes sense to seek professional help. Hypnotherapy, for example, can help to overcome lovesickness.

What helps immediately against heartache?

There is no instant solution to heartbreak. Even with hypnosis is a process that takes time and work for healing.

What to do when heartbreak becomes unbearable?

When heartbreak becomes unbearable, it is important to seek support from friends, family or a professional therapist.

Can you break from heartbreak?

While heartbreak can be very painful, it is unlikely to break you. Broken heart syndrome does exist, but this is very rare. With professional help and self-care, you can get through any heartbreak.

Can you forget a person through hypnosis?

The classical idea that in hypnosis one can use the trance phenomenon of amnesia to forget someone is not very close to reality. However, hypnotherapy for heartbreak uses the possibilities of hypnosis rather to "overwrite" or replace the feelings towards a person with more positive thoughts and feelings.

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