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Overcome your fear of heights. Getting rid of fear of heights with hypnosis has already made many people dizzy.

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Hypnotherapy for vertigo

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Stay calm even at lofty heights.

With hypnosis against altophobia

Fear of heights ranges from a queasy feeling to full panic. Hypnotherapy is a good treatment method to get rid of fear of heights. I have summarized here the most important aspects of treating vertigo with hypnosis.

What is vertigo

With the name fear of heights one would think that it is a fear of heights. Most of the time this is true, but sometimes a few meters are enough to trigger the fear. So most people who suffer from this fear have a so-called fear height. So a height where the feeling of safety changes to fear. This fear should not be confused with the vertigo that most people have.

The fear of heights also has an influence from fear of losing control. Often the fear of heights is also called fear of falling. This is because there is often a component of fear of losing control over oneself and falling.

That is why there are certain people who only suffer from this acrophobia when they are outdoors.

So the height alone does not cause fear, but first of all only a queasy feeling. Mostly the fantasy and the ideas of what could happen turn this feeling into a real fear.

Since mental images are significantly involved, hypnosis is also an effective treatment method.

So that we can explain how hypnosis therapy works with fear of heights, we must first also know how it develops.

How does fear of heights develop

Out of the blue, the unconscious hardly declares anything dangerous. This may have been a clear experience or a creeping process.

Often a dizziness occurs for the first time. The so-called psychogenic dizziness can sometimes even lead to almost fainting. Through such an experience the height is then often classified as a source of danger.

For the treatment with hypnosis it is not necessary to know exactly how the fear of heights developed, because we usually treat for all possibilities. However, I have clients who ask themselves again and again how their problem arose.

Bad experiences

If the fear of heights is based on a bad experience with heights, then this is not surprising. Since fear of heights or vertigo affects all people who are at certain heights, this type of development is widespread.

Mostly the unconscious declares the height to be dangerous after this queasy feeling has developed. If this is recognized as a danger, the unconscious protects the affected persons by keeping them away from such situations. The height becomes the trigger of the fear reaction.

The danger of falling increases with age, so that the level of anxiety in older people becomes lower. Sometimes even a fear of falling during normal standing and walking.

A vivid imagination

The unconscious creates our reality from all the information it receives. If this includes inner negative ideas, these are included. Therefore it sometimes happens that even without negative experiences a fear of heights arises.

That means it arises because you imagine what could happen. The idea of losing control and crashing thus triggers and can also increase fear.

The worse the mental horror stories are, the greater the fear and panic.

Overcoming fear of heights with hypnosis

Hypnotherapy has many advantages in the treatment of fear of flying. The therapy includes different methods to reduce the inner discomfort and to transform the exaggerated fear into a healthy caution.

The positive changes of hypnosis are not only reduced to fear. Because states such as self-confidence can be useful anywhere in life.

The treatment is similar to the treatment of fear of flying with hypnosis.

The most important aspects are these:

Inner security and self-confidence

Anyone who feels confident in dealing with a situation also feels safe. The safety when you are at lofty heights is also largely due to your self-confidence.

By means of hypnosis we strengthen the connection with the inner parts that are responsible for the automatisms like walking. In the hypnotic trance we learn that the legs will continue to walk even if they are not actively controlled.

With hypnotic self-confidence you have a secure stand and walk even at heights.

Using imagination for positive things

Since fantasy is by definition not real, you can also use it to imagine something positive.

In the hypnotic trance we can directly influence the unconscious events. In this way we can transform the negative thoughts about the heights into positive ones.

If, for example, when hiking on the mountains, a fear of heights appears, we can change our focus to the beautiful nature. In this way ideas that cause fears are repressed.

Those who suffer from vertigo may find this difficult to imagine, but hypnosis makes it possible to change your thoughts.

Combating anxiety

Since the fear of heights is considered an anxiety disorder, we know that it is somewhat disturbed. The natural functioning would cause a queasy feeling at dangerous heights, but not full panic. This means that if we want to overcome the fear, we should reset the function of the unconscious back to its natural function.

The hypnotherapy makes it possible to do this reset in the trance. This also reduces the fear of fear.

In this way, security and above all calm can be restored in otherwise frightening situations.

Confrontation during hypnosis

In classical psychology, confrontation therapy is considered one of the most promising treatment methods for altitude phobia.

The difficulty in this case is to put the persons concerned in these situations. Since the fear is designed, among other things, to keep us away from dangerous situations, this becomes a difficult task.

Hypnosis has the advantage that the entire confrontation can happen in the hypnotic trance. In this way, clients can simultaneously sit in a chair in the hypnosis practice in Zurich and face the frightening heights. If it should become too much, the trance can be interrupted at any time and the trance can be ended.

In this way it is much easier to control the confrontation with fear in order to effectively get rid of it.


The hypnosis therapy gives us many ins to treat vertigo. With the direct effect in the unconscious, the triggers can be lifted and the fear reduced or even completely defeated.

Anyone who wants to keep a cool head even at lofty heights, hypnosis is highly recommended.

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