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Hypnotherapy for cat hair allergy

With Jan Mion

With hypnosis, we can explain to your immune system that cats are not a threat.

Tyrell Mckay
Tyrell Mckay
27 Juni 2024
Jan Mions Hypnosetherapietermine waren nicht meine ersten, aber sie waren die ersten, die wirklich etwas bewirkt haben. Seine Intuition ist bemerkenswert und er hat sofort erkannt, was nicht optimal lief. Auch wenn man es vielleicht nicht sehen will, führt er einen direkt zu sich selbst und unterstützt dabei, die notwendigen Veränderungen vorzunehmen, um Probleme zu lösen. Darüber hinaus möchte ich auch seinen passenden Humor erwähnen, der sogar bei schwierigen Themen geholfen hat, aus dem Loch herauszukommen und eine positivere Sichtweise zu gewinnen. Ob vor Ort oder per Online-Hypnose, ich kann Jan Mion uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen.
Aleksa Avramovic
Aleksa Avramovic
27 Juni 2024
Am Ende des letzten Jahres suchte ich in Zürich nach Hypnose, die mir gegen meine Flugangst helfen könnte. So bin ich auf Jan Mion gestoßen. Seine herzliche und humorvolle Art machte jede Sitzung angenehm. Vielen Dank, Jan! Die Sitzungen sind tiefer gegangen, als ich es zuvor angenommen hatte, aber es war jede Minute wert, denn was wir gemacht haben, hat nicht nur die Flugangst weggemacht, sondern auch sonst in meinem Leben geholfen.
Karina Cortinas
Karina Cortinas
29 Mai 2024
Ich entschied mich Hypnose zu nutzen um bessere Präsentationen halten zu können. Hypnotherapie war für mich Neuland und ich war zunächst unsicher, aber Jan machte es mir leicht mich zu entspannen und wohlzufühlen. Dank Jan konnte ich die tieferliegenden Ursachen meines Lampenfiebers entdecken und daran arbeiten. Bereits nach wenigen Sitzungen bemerkte ich eine deutliche Verbesserung meiner Auftrittsangst und gewann mehr Selbstvertrauen. Auch für andere Ziele kann ich Jan als Hypnose Coach wärmstens empfehlen.
Jack Golding
Jack Golding
20 Mai 2024
I met Jan earlier this year in Vietnam at a conference. I found him to be a very intelligent and articulate person so when he mentioned he practiced hypnosis and was open to online sessions I thought I'd give it a go. I had no previous interest or desire to do hypnosis - when he asked what I wanted to work on I said I'm just here to have fun. In the past I've experimented with cognitive behavioural therapy, vipassana medication, the 12 step program and a bunch of self help books. One quote that stands out from meeting him is "it's never too late for a good childhood", not his original but a profound insight. Jan was able to build the trust you need for any inner work quite quickly. He asked if there was anything that may come up that is undesired and reminded me at any time we could stop the process. After not being able to meditate or quieten my mind for many years I was able to experience a trance like state within only 30 minutes of therapy. His narration and guidance were very effective in building up an understanding of the process especially using his unique personas of animals. He presented himself always as caring but fair. I reflect on the process as guided self alignment - it isn't an exercise in feeling sorry for yourself or having another person feel sorry for you but a celebration of the hardships you've endured through life and an opportunity to provide yourself the support you need to continue moving on with life. After 2 sessions I feel more empowered to take on the inevitable challenges in life and if needed I now have an advisor to realign me. Thanks for your guidance Jan!
21 Februar 2024
After every session with Jan I had a smile on my face and this very special kind of energy. He helped me level up my business and many other things in my life that I thought hypnosis could not help with. I recommend Jan wholeheartedly offline and online.
julius jay viente
julius jay viente
8 Februar 2024
When I read that Jan Mion only works online I was not sure what to expect but I can let you know: It works really well. Online Hypnosis has helped me overcome my fear of flying and now I have flown twice while being almost completely calm.
Ursula Wiesli
Ursula Wiesli
8 November 2023
Meinen Höhenschwindel mit Hypnose zu behandeln, fand ich eine gute Idee, als ich von dieser Methode hörte. So habe ich im Internet nach Hypnosetherapeuten:innen gesucht und Jan Mion gefunden. Seine Seite sprach mich an und so buchte ich einen Termin. Er bot «nur» Onlinetermine an und ich dachte für ein erstes Kennenlernen ist das ganz praktisch. Die Hypnose funktionierte mit Audio und Video sehr gut. In der ersten Sitzung wurde mir klar, dass es hier nicht nur um Höhenschwindel ging, sondern um viel grundlegendere Themen. Nach drei Sitzungen war meine Höhenangst schon bedeutend besser. Ich kann diese Therapieform zu unterschiedlichen Anliegen und Jan Mion allen wärmstens empfehlen.
Diana Rojas
Diana Rojas
12 Dezember 2022
I contacted Jan because I had some issues initially with pain. Together we discovered that this pain was somehow linked to hidden fear, anxiety and some anger. We worked effectively for few sessions with amazing results that I was never able to achieve before. I went to other therapies in the past that waisted my money and time, and resiliency. However, the sessions with Jan were really effective. From the first session Jan works with the purpose of healing people. Once again, thank you Jan for all your help.

Are you tired of suffering from cat allergies? Have you tried various treatments without success? Well, there may be a unique solution for you: Hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis for cat allergies is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative treatment that can provide relief from the symptoms of cat hair allergies in many cases. I have also had some clients who became and remained completely allergy free.

Hypnotherapy for the treatment of allergies aims to resolve the confusion of the immune system. For this purpose, a deep state of relaxation and increased concentration is induced, the so-called hypnotic trance, which makes communication with the unconscious possible.

The connection between the mind and allergic reactions has long been recognized by experts. Studies have shown that the psyche has a direct influence on the immune system. And since we can influence the psyche with hypnosis, we can also influence the allergy process.

Cats may be dangerous for sparrows, but it does not make sense for the immune system to shoot like a cannon at a sparrow with the hair of cats. So we should bring calm into the system.

Although more research is needed to fully understand its effectiveness, many people have reported significant improvements in their cat allergies after undergoing hypnotherapy. So if you're desperate for relief and ready to try something new, you should give hypnosis a chance.

Understanding hypnotherapy and its benefits

For many, hypnotherapy helps provide relief from cat allergy symptoms and brings them newfound freedom from constant discomfort. Hypnotherapy techniques have been used for centuries to harness the power of the mind-body connection to promote healing.

By communicating directly with the immune system, it is possible to reduce the allergic reactions or often even eliminate them altogether. Because once the immune system understands that cat hair is not a dangerous enemy, it can also reduce the exaggerated reaction to it.

Hypnotherapy also offers an alternative approach to traditional allergy treatments. While medications can offer temporary relief, they are often accompanied by side effects. Hypnosis offers a drug-free solution that aims to address the cause of allergies, rather than just masking the symptoms.

Because the allergy often arises from unconscious connections that are emotionally appropriate. The simplest example was a client of mine whose mother treated the cat similarly to her child. The aversion to the cat then manifested itself in an allergy to get rid of the cat. But the mother said "the cat came first" and so the allergy got worse and worse.
The examples are not always so obvious in the development of allergic reactions, but we usually find an emotional component.

The great advantage of hypnotherapy in animal hair allergy treatments is the possibility of revealing and breaking such connections. While other allergy treatments remain at the level of allergens, we hypnotically go deeper.

How hypnosis works in the treatment of cat allergies

First of all, the connections are clarified in conversation. Therefore, it is not only about the logical connection with cats or animal hair in general, but also about the emotional background. With some clients this is openly apparent, with others a conscious connection does not arise directly.

Either way, in the second part we use hypnosis to create an appropriate trance and invite the unconscious. In doing so, we use trance phenomena to explore and influence. In this process, the conscious mind is usually present, but it can also happen that it is completely gone. In the treatment of allergies, childhood aspects are often an issue and therefore it is usually better if the client is consciously aware of what is going on.

At the end we test the whole thing hypnotically to recognize and consolidate the progress. Often one session brings relief but usually more than one is needed.

Does hypnotherapy bring relief from allergies?

Hypnotherapy has proven to be an effective method of treating allergies by reducing the intensity of allergic reactions. When evaluating the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in alleviating allergies, it is important to consider its many benefits.

Hypnosis taps into the power of the mind, allowing it to guide your body's response to allergens in a more appropriate direction. By retraining the subconscious mind, hypnosis can help alleviate symptoms associated with cat allergies.

In addition, hypnotherapy can address not only physical symptoms, but also psychological factors that contribute to allergic reactions. Stress and anxiety are known to exacerbate allergy symptoms, and by reducing these emotional triggers through hypnosis, a great improvement in overall well-being can be obtained.

Holistic approach

Hypnotherapy for cat allergy treats all aspects both physical and psychological. For example, it is sometimes necessary to reduce a certain fear or disgust towards cats, if they have regularly caused discomfort before. These reactions are normal and it is said that cats always choose the allergic ones to stroke their legs.


Overall, hypnotherapy may be a suitable option for treating cat allergies. By using the power of the mind, hypnosis can alleviate allergic reactions and bring relief.

Science is only making small steps in proving its effectiveness, but I have been able to help some clients get rid of their cat hair allergy. So why not consider trying hypnotherapy? It could be the solution you have been looking for to finally enjoy the company of cats without annoying allergies.

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