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Using hypnotherapy to combat alcohol addiction

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Treating alcohol addiction with hypnosis

Alcohol is all around us. There's almost nowhere you can't buy it. Alcohol is quite socially accepted, unlike other intoxicants.

The figures from Switzerland on alcohol consumption are sobering, so to speak.

Due to the cultural anchoring of alcohol, it is not surprising that 86% of people over the age of 15 drink alcohol. The WHO calculates that 21.6% of the Swiss population over the age of 15 consume alcohol at high risk. This means that almost one in ten people drink alcohol every day in Switzerland 3 (9.5%). In general, it can be assumed that every 5th person drinks too much or too often. In the end, it turns out that around 250,000 people in Switzerland are addicted to alcohol.

With figures like these, you might ask yourself at what point you switch from being a risky drinker to an alcohol addict. Like many aspects of the psyche, it is a fluid transition. That's why we can also rely somewhat on the clinical definition:

Definition of alcohol addiction

The signs of alcohol addiction are as follows:

  • A great desire for alcohol
  • Loss of control
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Increased alcohol tolerance
  • Difficulty controlling the start, end and amount of consumption
  • Neglect of other activities in favor of alcohol
  • Continuing to drink despite noticeable negative consequences of alcohol consumption

So anyone who has such signs should think about their own alcohol consumption. As hypnosis is not only suitable as therapy but also as prevention, it makes sense to make an appointment even at the first signs. After all, if you are worried that you are in the risk zone, this is usually an important sign that something is unconsciously not going quite as it should. Of course, not everyone who drinks every weekend is an alcoholic. But you shouldn't wait too long. You should change something as soon as you notice the first effects on your body or even alcohol poisoning.

And in general, you can say that the earlier you intervene, the easier it can be to change something.

Development of alcohol dependence

Nobody wakes up one morning and suddenly becomes addicted to alcohol out of nowhere. It is usually a gradual process until at some point you realize that something is going wrong. Unfortunately, it usually continues until you reach a point where you realize that you can't go on. Many people then still have a certain amount of time before they seek help. This is often the development of dependency. There are different definitions of the stages, stages or phases of alcohol addiction. For me, however, it is important to know where we can intervene. Because although hypnotherapy has certain possibilities that affect the memory, bypassing the addiction memory is a challenging topic. And the earlier we start, the better.

Alcohol: when to get (hypnotic) help?

They say that the first step is to recognize that you have a problem. You can come to me even earlier. Hypnotherapy for alcohol can be used not only in cases of severe alcohol addiction. Hypnotherapy treatment can also be a good idea even at the first signs.

You don't have to be an "addict" to want to change your alcohol consumption.

Treating alcohol addiction with hypnosis

What is true in the treatment of addiction with hypnosis is also true in the treatment of alcohol addiction with hypnotherapy. When people drink to change their feelings or dull pain, alcohol becomes a tool of the unconscious that goes beyond intoxication. When alcohol becomes a remedy for hecticness, stress or sadness, it becomes increasingly difficult to get away from it.

Those affected are often plagued by shame about the things they have done under the influence of alcohol. The cumulative hangover gets bigger and bigger, so to speak.

"I drink to forget that I'm ashamed because I drink"

Drunkard from "The Little Prince"

For these reasons, it is important to know that it is a good idea to reduce alcohol consumption as early as possible with hypnosis.

Advantages of hypnosis against alcoholism

In all treatments for alcohol addiction, it is important that the client sticks with it. It is therefore important that the withdrawal symptoms are reduced so that they are tolerable. If the withdrawal from alcohol addiction is to be successful in the long term, many things have to be brought into balance internally. The special properties of hypnosis are very useful here.

Hypnotherapy helps to tackle the root of alcohol addiction and thus reduce the addiction. In the treatments we not only move away from alcohol but also towards a more balanced life. Among other things, the risk factors for relapse are for a relapse are reduced. The unconscious mind is taught methods of dealing with stress, negative feelings etc. without alcohol.

Through the targeted use of amnesia, it may also be possible to erase the addiction memory piece by piece.

Stop drinking with hypnosis

In order to stop drinking with hypnosis, you need to strengthen your inner resources. Not only the ability to say no, but also, for example, the strength to face up to what the alcohol has caused. By strengthening from within, the addiction to alcohol can be pushed more and more out of one's own system and alcohol abuse decreases in a sustainable way. Abstinence becomes permanently possible from within and not just temporarily triggered from the outside.

Hypnotherapy for alcoholics often requires a fundamental change. This usually takes some time. During this time, it is often crucial that those affected can do something themselves. Self-hypnosis gives us this opportunity. Whenever the desire or urge for alcohol arises, it can be used to overcome the addiction. Through hypnotic training, it is possible to stay strong. be able to.

Important note on hypnosis for alcohol dependence

Hypnotherapy is not magic, nor is it a "fix" from the outside. If the goal is to achieve lifelong abstinence, then this is not a matter for just a few sessions. If you want to get away from alcohol with hypnosis, you really have to be fully committed to it and help yourself. Fighting alcohol addiction naturally takes time. Hypnotherapy is well suited to slowly reducing the addiction while strengthening other aspects of life.

Conclusion Hypnosis for the treatment of alcohol addiction.

Hypnotherapy is very suitable for the treatment of alcohol addiction. Both in the direct fight against addiction and in the prevention of relapse. Due to the unique possibilities of hypnosis, it can also be used as a supplement to other treatment methods.

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