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Calm and composed in social situations and among people

The transition from shyness to social phobia can be smooth. It can occur when speaking in public, eating, or simply being around a certain number of people. Often the fear is also related to the belief of knowing what others think about you.

You don't have to be the most extroverted people pleaser. However, if the avoidance behavior becomes stronger and stronger or the restrictions too great, it goes rather in the direction of sociophobia or social anxiety disorder. The earlier one takes influence on the problem, the faster it can often be solved.

Treatment of social anxiety with hypnosis can bring very big changes. The nature of the problem makes hypnotherapy a great help for social phobia. The unconscious causes can be directly addressed in the hypnotic trance.

Social phobia from a hypnotic point of view

In the history of mankind, people were always dependent on other people. So if others have determined to a certain extent about the own extinction, it was meaningful to be interested in what others think of you and whether the opinion of "the others" about you is positive or negative. The human unconsciousness has also developed in this way.

However, when these "others" become a multi-headed monster to be afraid of, something has gone wrong.

Inside and outside

A large part of hypnosis is the relationship between inside and outside. How we react internally to something external can hardly be changed without hypnosis, because this lies in the sphere of influence of the unconscious. The conscious mind can try as hard as it likes, if the unconscious mind does not play along, usually only a short-term change is possible, if at all.

Conversely, our behavior towards the outside is determined by our inside. A person who feels anxious or insecure is more likely to avoid upsetting situations than a person who feels comfortable and strong. If we evaluate ourselves as good on the inside, we expect the same from others and vice versa.

The focus and allocation of importance to the inside and the outside also has an influence. If we want to get rid of a social phobia, we must inevitably give less attention or importance to the outside.

The unconscious assessment of the self is of course very important in self-worth and self-confidence and also makes dealing with anxiety easier.

Causes of social anxiety

There can be many triggers for social anxiety disorder. In life, we automatically and unconsciously learn something about ourselves. Be it from parents in childhood or social situations: somewhere affected people have learned that social situations are threatening for them. The unconscious then reacts to this threat with fear, trembling, sweating, freezing, blushing and much more.

In order for us to overcome social phobia, we often have to forget what we have learned about ourselves.

Hypnotherapy against social phobia

Social phobia therapy with hypnosis can include many different aspects. For example, symptom management issues, such as alcohol or medication use, often need to be included in treatment. Many people with social anxiety disorder also experience themselves as unable to relate in some way or do not know how to relate to others. Part of hypnotherapy is often also building instinctual unconscious social skills. So, so to speak, the practical part to all the theoretical advice you can read everywhere.

Can social phobia be cured with hypnotherapy?

The answer to this question I can say from social phobia therapy experience: Yes, it's quite possible. I have often experienced almost miraculous transformations when we were able to hypnotically release and forget the old.

Social anxiety is absolutely curable, but it often takes longer than certain sufferers hope for in hypnotherapy. Due to the interconnectedness with sometimes very many experiences of even traumatic nature, it usually takes several sessions.

If the seclusion has also caused depression, for example, we must of course treat that as well.

Hypnosis for social anxiety

Hypnosis brings many tools for change. For example, we can weaken or even dissolve and replace the old negative experiences and memories. Directing the focus is also an important part of hypnosis.

By working in the unconscious mind, we can address the blockages and fears more directly than with many other methods. We do not so much want to fight the social anxiety as to bring the unconscious, positive intentions behind it into a more effective form. In this way, we can use the energy that was previously wasted on negative thoughts for positive development.


Hypnosis can also help with speech anxiety or fear of commitment with the effect in the unconscious. Furthermore, hypnosis can help to reduce the negative self-image that has led to the fears in social situations.

So with hypnosis it can become possible to overcome even a strong social anxiety and to build up and use the resources it takes to stay free of anxiety and calm in social situations.

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