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Hypnotherapy for skin picking

With Jan Mion

Use hypnosis as skin picking therapy

Dermatillomania therapy with hypnosis

The repeated touching, squeezing, plucking or scratching of your own skin can range from annoying to destructive.

Either way, it involves a psychological and emotional component. This is exactly the part we tackle with hypnosis against skin picking. Because even if other methods have already been tried, hypnosis can help you to leave yourself alone.

Dermatillomania: compulsion or addiction

When mania appears in the name, too much energy is usually directed to the wrong place.

Skin picking is referred to as an impulse control disorder. For me as a hypnotherapist, however, controlling impulses is much less important than guiding my clients to the point where they have no impulses at all.

In addition, the question is often asked whether skin picking disorder is an addiction or an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

For me in hypnosis, this does not play a major role. Nor does it matter whether it is a mental illness or a mental disorder.

So the name of the problem is less important to me than the form of the solution. For me, skin picking therapy with hypnosis consists of stopping the skin picking by changing the unconscious triggers and using the energy for positive things.

Skin picking from the hypnosis perspective

According to the cliché, the view of hypnosis goes a little deeper with most problems. Because the experienced hypnotherapist knows that the unconscious never does anything just like that.

Even self-harming behavior like skin picking has a certain positive intention. Of course, many of those affected think to themselves "No, that's just stupid" or "I have to stop", but perhaps it is precisely this "making yourself look bad" that is part of the problem.

The unconscious wants survival, not necessarily a good life. For this reason, skin picking is a way of dealing with inner impulses and emotions.


We have to deal with negative emotions, stress or tension somehow. There are more suitable and less suitable techniques. Destroying your own skin belongs in the second category. Nevertheless, it can give us an indication of emotions that are not given enough attention. Anyone who harms someone usually doesn't like that person very much, especially if it's themselves.


It is probably no coincidence that skin picking often happens on the face or in other obvious places. The inside is carried to the outside and not leaving one's own skin alone or even destroying it is therefore usually the ultimate self-criticism. This also creates a vicious circle, because every time you look in the mirror, more rejection of yourself arises.

Auto Aggression

Skin pickers often reveal a subliminal aggression against themselves. This auto-aggression can also be a sign of rejection of oneself or parts of oneself.

Most people who do skin picking would not describe themselves as aggressive.

However, this is often where the problem lies. Because if you don't allow yourself to let it out and assert yourself, the frustration and stress often remain pent up.

Hypnotherapy for skin picking disorder

The goal of hypnotherapy for skin picking is, of course, the ability to leave oneself alone. However, the path to this goal can vary.

The advantage of hypnosis for skin picking is that we can tackle the problem directly in the subconscious. This approach therefore has a higher probability of success than many other treatment methods.

Leave the skin alone and stop skin picking

Experience has shown that there are many reasons for stress and overwhelming emotions.

However, the solution is often a calmer way of dealing with feelings. If we can hypnotically bring calm to our inner life, we can reduce stress. And this usually has a positive effect. The calmness then often spreads to the skin.

Leaving it alone has two meanings and is often the first step in acute cases.


Our perception of ourselves has a major influence on our behavior. And it is precisely this perception and evaluation that we can influence with hypnosis.

In this way, we can transform the assessment of skin picking in treatment from "bad" and "wrong" to "ok". This has the great advantage that the behavior no longer causes stress, as it is then neither good nor bad, but simply ok.

This has a generally positive influence on self-image and reduces rejection.

Respect yourself

Many people always talk about self-love. However, love is not always the best guide. When I do skin picking therapy with hypnosis, the basis is therefore self-respect.

If we respect someone, we usually leave them alone and don't pick on them. This respect can also lead to liking.

If this happens to ourselves, we can stop skin picking and switch to positive self-care.

So with hypnotherapy we learn to tackle the same problems and emotions, but in a positive, uplifting way.

Those who respect themselves look after themselves and their own skin, even in stressful situations.

Dermatillomania online therapy with hypnosis

Dermatillomania online therapy with hypnosis is an effective method for treating skin picking disorder. By using hypnosis techniques, the underlying causes and triggers of the compulsive behavior can be identified and dealt with.

Skin picking online hypnotherapy offers the advantage that it can be carried out from the comfort of your own home and can therefore be flexibly integrated into your everyday life. It gives those affected the opportunity to receive help with skin picking from anywhere and improve their quality of life in the long term.


Hypnosis helps with skin picking by directly addressing the underlying unconscious causes. By resolving the psychological causes, the skin can be left alone and there is the necessary support to stop skin picking. Skin picking treatment with hypnotherapy can also be used in combination with other therapy methods.

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