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Using hypnosis to release emotional dependency and develop the self for self-confidence, self-love and self-respect.

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Emotional dependence refers to excessive emotional dependence on another person. It can be a relationship with a partner, a friend, or even a family member.

In the unconscious, emotionally significant issues are connected, which usually do not really belong together. This can lead to instability, which can make more and more insecure.

A person who is emotionally dependent may often feel insecure and anxious in their relationship and fear losing the other person. This fear may manifest itself in obsessive thoughts and behaviors, such as constantly checking in with the partner, jealousy, or a need to control.

It is also possible that the person neglects their own hobbies and friendships in order to always be available for the other person. In worse cases, emotional dependency can even lead to complete self-sacrifice, where the person builds their own life completely around the relationship. The self and the other person become mixed in an unhealthy way.

For therapy, hypnosis for emotional dependence can help release the causes of attachment and unhealthy attachment behaviors and replace them with healthy self-awareness and relationship skills.

Healthy relationship

It is important to note that there is a difference between a healthy bond in a relationship and emotional dependence. A healthy bond means that both partners are able to have a close connection with each other without giving up their own independence and autonomy. They are able to express their own needs and desires and also have time for themselves and their own interests.

In contrast, emotional dependency is often characterized by an unbalanced dynamic in the relationship in which one partner is dominant and the other is submissive. The person who is emotionally dependent often feels insecure in his or her own decisions and often acts to gain the attention, approval, and goodwill of the other. Independence and self-determination are given up to a great extent.

There are many different kinds of healthy relationships. But for me, something should be done if it is foreseeable that it will develop in an unhealthy direction or someone in the relationship gives up their own self-respect to maintain the relationship.

How does emotional dependence develop from the perspective of hypnosis?

The unconscious mind does nothing without a reason, so it is with codependency. The principles behind it often resemble the development of an addiction. Love addiction sometimes seems almost like drug addiction.

The unconscious wants to create inner balance and discovers in the course of life through experience that partnerships can fill a hole that has usually existed for a long time.

This hole usually arises from the fact that certain natural inner processes were blocked from childhood experiences. Where naturally self-confidence, self-care or self-respect should be, something must be supplied from the outside. However, this satisfying of emotional hunger is only temporary when it comes from the outside. Thus, a dependency develops that seeks more and more. An attachment develops, because without the other person one no longer feels "complete". As if one replaces one's own leg with someone else and can no longer stand without that person.

Unhealthy bonding

If someone shows this kind of attachment behavior and searches for his "missing" part in this way, this can basically trigger two reactions in the other person: Either a rejection takes place, if a clinging is not desired. The more one person focuses on the other, the more they withdraw. This is often described as a kind of "driving away" and the fear of loneliness makes the clinging or control even worse.

If someone with a tendency toward emotional dependency gets involved with the wrong person, it can also lead to dysfunctional relationship patterns and even emotional abuse. People do many things out of fear, and it is exactly the same with fear of loss. And certain people take advantage of it when they realize that the other person will put up with anything.

Therapy with hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is very suitable as a therapy for emotional addiction. Because with the possibilities of hypnosis we can directly address the problem at the root cause in the unconscious.

Whatever is missing inside and compensated by the other person can be developed with hypnotherapy. Thus, experiences from the past can be made harmless by forgetting the lesson learned about oneself from them. Many of my clients say: "I am just not a self-confident person" my answer is always: "Not yet".

Because if we hypnotically free the inner nature, every person can regain and develop a healthy emotional independence and security. The reinforcement of one's own boundaries brings many benefits. The development of the self also leads very directly to emotional independence, which makes it possible to break free from unhealthy connections and relationships and behave appropriately and with self-respect.

Treating emotional dependence with hypnosis leads to a strengthened self, bringing independence and autonomy.

Every person has within himself what it takes to live contentedly, even with himself. With my professional help I could already help many clients on this path.

Conclusion hypnosis against emotional dependence

Hypnotherapy is very suitable to release the emotional dependency and develop a healthy self and therefore attachment behavior. Before the healthy love relationship comes a healthy self-love and hypnosis can help to develop it. Thus, emotional neediness can also be overcome in an efficient way.

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