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Stop smoking under hypnosis. Now with hypnosis therapy become a permanent non-smoker. Without any side effects.

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Hypnosis therapy for smoking cessation

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Become permanently smoke-free with hypnosis

Become a non-smoker with hypnosis

Smoking is unhealthy, pretty much everyone knows that these days. Not only because of lung cancer but especially because of lung health. However, the knowledge about smoking does not make stopping smoking much easier.

If you came to my site because you want to stop smoking under hypnosis, then the warnings on the cigarette pack probably did not work for you. You may need something like hypnosis in this case.

Difficulties of smoking cessation

Why is it so difficult to quit smoking?

The three most common aspects of smoking that make stopping smoking difficult are

  • Addiction
  • Habit
  • Social influences

These three topics are repeatedly mentioned by my clients as reasons why they cannot stop smoking on their own.

If we are somewhat familiar with the functioning of the unconscious, we see that all three are not controlled by our logical mind. Actually logical, since there are no really logical reasons for smoking.

Where, however, many then go astray, that they try to stop smoking with logic. With force and willpower. However, this usually only causes stress, which manifests itself either in weight gain or even more smoking.

Hypnosis now gives us the possibility to get to the root of the causes of smoking. So we solve all three directly at the source.

Stop smoking with hypnosis

Quitting smoking with hypnosis has somehow become one of the classics of hypnotherapy. That's why there are smoking treatments like sand on the beach. Unlike other methods, I focus on the causes of smoking. To find and treat them is important for lasting results.

Advantages of hypnosis against smoking

Many have managed to stop smoking for a short time with pure willpower. But this strategy of iron will is only effective until the first moment of weakness. With reason alone it is an almost impossible act of will to stop smoking and not to relapse. For example, under stress or after drinking alcohol, many people relapse. This is then a pattern that repeats itself. The motto is "Quitting smoking is easy, I've done it hundreds of times."

Hypnosis has many advantages to solve what keeps the smoker from smoking.

Nicotine addiction

Many smokers have often tried to quit. Often this plan fails due to nicotine addiction. The feeling of having to smoke has already put a damper on many people's plans. For some it manifests itself as a lust, for others as a craving, but what they have in common is that the smoker thinks he or she cannot resist it. If we follow the logic of addiction treatment with hypnosis, it is clear that we must treat the unconscious causes of addiction. These vary from client to client, but usually have nothing to do with smoking.

When we have found these reasons and tackle them directly, the unconscious is moved away from the smoke so that the addiction can be dissolved.


Basically habits are activities that the unconscious takes over for us. The conscious mind is simply not involved and you do something like on autopilot. To stop these automatisms we would have to consciously monitor ourselves constantly and suppress the impulses. Especially when you have consumed alcohol, this becomes more and more difficult. In addition, many people have the feeling that something is missing. Like the cigarette after a meal.

With habits, hypnosis gives us the advantage that we can directly stop or replace the habitual impulse. Thus, it requires much less or no conscious control.

Social influences

Many smokers find it difficult not to join in when others smoke. The cigarette often acts as a social glue that brings people together. In addition, seeing often activates imitation and the desire to smoke.

Hypnosis can help us to distance ourselves in such a way that the smoking of others can no longer penetrate to our innermost being.

Hypnosis against smoking - without side effects?

The side effects of hypnosis are manifold. The metabolism changes, often new non-smokers start to cough and some report bad breath. Skin problems can also appear.

The course is different for all people, but the two best known side effects of quitting smoking are, besides the withdrawal symptoms, the health problems and weight gain. These are often particularly severe when smoking is suddenly stopped.

For example, in the first few weeks after stopping smoking, the immune system may not work well and the satisfaction of smoke may be replaced by the satisfaction of food. Often this is only a rearrangement and not a solution to the problems. In all phases of stopping smoking, hypnosis can be used as an accompanying measure. Therefore my holistic approach with hypnosis therapy is more promising.

Healthy to non-smoker

With my kind of treatment, the whole system is directed towards more health. If all parts of the inner system help, the side effects can be reduced.

The relaxed approach with hypnosis also reduces other stress symptoms and side effects. In addition, I always stimulate the self-healing powers for the recovery of the lungs.

For whom is smoker hypnosis suitable?

The smoking cessation with hypnosis is suitable for all who want to become non-smokers. It does not matter whether you "believe" in hypnosis or not.

I also teach social smokers to say "no" when someone offers them a cigarette. Hypnosis is also suitable for very heavy smokers, because the reduction can also take place in steps instead of from one day to the next.

The important thing is that you are willing to participate. But this should be the case anyway, if you have decided to become a non-smoker. People who are afraid of gaining weight can benefit from the effects of hypnosis.

What can I expect from hypnosis?

Hypnosis is neither magic nor a magic pill. Unfortunately, in hypnosis therapy we cannot just snap and all problems are solved. This means that most people do not suddenly forget that they used to smoke (although this has happened before).

Most of the time hypnosis makes the important difference to stay away from the glow permanently, even without great suffering. Without withdrawal symptoms it is usually not possible, but they are much better to handle than without hypnosis.

Furthermore, the negative effects of smoking cessation are usually reduced. Thus, very few people gain much weight and they do not shift the addiction into something else.

Does online hypnosis for smoking cessation work?

The answer is yes, online hypnosis can help smokers quit smoking by addressing the underlying subconscious factors that contribute to the addiction.

Online hypnosis sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions, and they offer the added benefit of convenience and accessibility.

Conclusion on quitting smoking with hypnosis

With hypnosis it is possible to stop smoking without losing your inner peace. By solving the causes of nicotine addiction, the stop happens from within. So it is possible to forget the cigarettes and start into a smoke-free life without always having to force yourself to do something.

Long-term damage due to stress from quitting smoking can also be avoided with hypnosis therapy. If you have decided to become a non-smoker, then I look forward to helping you with this.

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