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Effective hypnosis in Zurich

Use hypnosis to reach your goals. Become a team with your unconscious mind and use all your resources. Jan Mion accompanies you to your goal. With head, heart and hypnosis
Side effects of hypnosis include more self confidence and heightened energy
"My goal for you: confidence, health and lots of energy"
Do you want to reach your goals?
• Do you have a problem that you want to get rid of? • Do you know what could be possible but just don't do it? • Do you want to change something but can't by yourself? • Do you want to become healthy again?

Hypnotherapist in Zurich

I will help you reach your goal
If you are looking for someone who can help you, you have come to the right place. Bring what troubles you. As the experience as a hypnotherapist I can say: We will find a solution.
My success is based on my custom solutions for each of my clients. Bespoke hypnosis can help almost everyone with almost everything.

Who can you not help?

I cannot help clients who... ...expect to stay passive while someone "fixes" them ...do not want to change anything ...just want to solve a problem, not the cause

Why choose Jan Mion?

Do you want permanent solutions and are ready for change? If so, you are in the right place.


More than 5 years of education and advanced training incl. teaching of hypnosis


Sometimes the most important things are not said with words


Solutions from the ground up for effective work and permanent results


Hypnotherapy always with new scientific discoveries


Many have had good experiences with hypnosis
If you are open to this kind of therapy you are in very competent hands with Jan. I can recommend his practice to everyone who wants something more.


I can always recommend him as a hypnosis expert and hypnotherapist.

Manuel Fischer

The best of hypnosis. I felt connected from the beginning. He approaches problems in a fresh, creative and substantiated way.

Barbara Wengert

More experiences
Jan what do you to exactly?

Hypnosis that works

Individual hypnosis instead of one size fits all.

Bespoke hypnosis therapy

Effective hypnosis starts with you. You are not your issues. That is why I am interested in your whole story. The more fitting the suggestions the more successful the hypnosis.
Hypnose Zürich Heilung

Basically I  treat people not diagnoses. However, I am asked again and again:

Where can hypnosis help?

Hypnosis helps with everything that the subconscious controls. And that is almost everything.
Weight loss
Anger management
Public speaking
Relationship problems
Drug addiction
Eating disorders
Friedreich attaxia
Memory problems
Skin problems
High sensitivity
Inner tension
Lactose intolerance
Learning problems
Multiple Sclerosis
Nose polyps
Surgery preparation
Panic attacks
Improved performance
Exam preparation
Smoke stop
Restless legs
Thyroid dysfunction
Writing blocks
Sleeping problems
School problems
Self acceptance
Sexual problems
Donor organ
Self confidence
Grinding teeth
Your problem is not included? Please contact me:

Ready for success?

For permanent change we need the right companion. As your hypnotist in zurich I will accompany you on you journey to success.

What can you expect?

What is hypnosis zurich?

Hypnosis that works

For lasting success, a comprehensive approach is needed. In order for us to work together towards your transformation, I will consider everything that makes you what you are. This is how positive changes become permanent.
Use of unconscious resources
Deblocking yourself
Strengthening self-confidence
Team building with the unconscious
Habit-building for success
instruction for self-hypnosis
Mental and physical self-healing

Hypnosis therapy costs

A session of one hour costs 150Fr.

What is the procedure of your hypnotherapy?


Book an appointment

You use the online booking tool to choose the right appointment for you. Alternatively you can write or call me. All appointments incl. the first one are one hour


The preliminary talk

In our preliminary talk we're getting to know each other. This is not like a survey to fill out but a normal conversation where I'm trying to get a feel for you and your issue. You can of course also ask me questions. We do this in a relaxed athmosphere which in turn also helps the hypnosis.


Individual hypnosis

After we have touched on all the relevant points we start the hypnosis. Most of the time the conscious mind is not fully gone during the hypnotic trance. But rather it becomes a passenger to the subconscious. Based on what we have talked about before I'm giving the subconscious suggestions. These stimulate the subconscious mind to move towards your goal.


Further steps

For those who want to get active themselves I give out some things to do at home. This can be self-hypnosis or something else. The goal is to support and consolidate the change. A lot can change in one session, but most of the time for consistant change we need more than one session.
The first step

Hypnosis practice in Zurich

Hypnosetherapie Zürich Zimmer
The hypnosis practice is in the beautiful classic building with the stuccoed ceiling. I work in the music room where people always have come to for a nice trance.
Hypnosepraxis ZürichHypnosetherapie Praxis ZürichHypnosetherapie Zürich


Mion Hypnose Zürich Enge
Breitingerstrasse 21
8002 Zürich


Mion Hypnose Zürich Hottingen
Illgenstrasse 4
8032 Zürich

Hypnosis zurich can mean two things

With hypnotherapy we can solve problems but also make improvements. They have two different names


With hypnotherapy we solve a problem. With help from the subconscious we find solutions and implement them.


With hypnotic coaching we improve what is already good. This can be sports, in business or in social settings. In general it's about confidence, energy and motivation.

Hypnotherapy Zurich

Inner connection

During the hypnotic trance one is not fully "asleep". The subconscious mind can also listen in. But it is still a very special state of mind. Something between awake and sleeping. In this balance it is possible to connect both the conscious and the unconscious mind. This makes big change possible because we have conscious influence over unconscious processes.

Problem and Resource

The subconscious never has bad intentions. With some issues this is not obvious, but most problems have a use. If we find out what the idea is behind the problem we can replace it with something more suitable. This makes the energy that was used to prop up the problem free to be used for a solution. After we free up the inner resources we guide them towards a solution.

Trance phenomena

Some of the phenomena one sees used in stage hypnosis can also be used for therapeutic goals. Our subconscious can for instance give us a sign with the twitching of a finger after we ask a question. Or a trance can be strenghened with a stiff arm. Most of my clients are amazed when they experience those phenomena for the first time.

Medical hypnosis

The subconscious controls almost everything that is going on in our body. This includes bodily funcions like the immune system or blood pressure. That is why medical hypnosis can also help with physical illnesses. It is best use case are chronic illnesses.

Health promotion

Being balanced promotes health. The influence the psyche has on the immune system ist known even in classical medicine. That is why we can say that hypnosis and self hypnosis helps is good for our health. And not just when we have a problem but also as prevention.

Effects of hypnosis

Hypnosis works over time on the inside. The maximum effect of hypnosis is generally not reached during the session but it builds up. The subconscious needs time to process, time to physically make new brain connections. For this reason it is more advisable to have more shorter sessions instead of a single long one. I've seen the best success with two to three weeks inbetween sessions.

It's time for success

Start on your path to success and book your first hypnosis session today.
Book an appointment
Mion Hypnose Zürich Enge Breitingerstrasse 21 8002 Zürich
Mion Hypnose Zürich Hottingen Illgenstrasse 4 8032 Zürich

Frequently asked questions

Is one session enough to solve my problems / How many sessions do I need?

It is quite possible that the change you want to make will occur after just one session. There is no blanket answer, as the potential for change depends on various factors and varies from person to person. Basically, one to four sessions can be expected, in sufficiently large intervals for the changes to take time to consolidate.

How long is a hypnosis session?

A hypnosis session with Jan Mion takes one hour. For bigger issues several distributed sessions are more successful than a longer one.

Is everyone hypnotizable?

Yes, everyone can be hypnotized. Everyone has an unconscious, so you don't have to "believe in it" for hypnosis to work.

Will I cluck like a chicken or something?

No, unless you want to. Hypnotherapy has very little to do with stage hypnosis.

Does hypnosis make you submissively obey every command?

Hypnosis does not make you obey all commands of the hypnotist, but the unconscious often takes more control in the hypnotic trance. So if a finger twitches of its own accord or the eyelids cannot consciously be opened anymore, it is not dependent on the will of the hypnotist, but on the will of the unconscious.

What does hypnosis help with?

Hypnosis can help with everything that comes from within. This can include almost everything because the unconscious controls almost everything in our body. How much different inner processes can be influenced depends on the person and the time spent on it.

What is expected of me as a client?

Just a certain curiosity and the willingness to participate. If you want to prepare for your hypnosis session, you can consciously remember in which situations/moods your problem occurs.

What is the unconscious?

The unconscious is the combination of all the processes going on unconsciously in us. It is sometimes more sometimes less connected to the conscious mind, but sometimes it influences it strongly. Problems that cannot be solved for a long time often have their origin in the unconscious.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is basically the communication with the unconscious. To facilitate this, a hypnotic trance is usually created, which connects the conscious and unconscious parts.

What is the hypnotic trance?

The hypnotic trance is the trance triggered by hypnosis. The trance in general is a state of consciousness that can be placed somewhere between awake and sleeping. The trance is also known as "half asleep", "flow state" or "meditative state".

Clients of the hypnosis practice

In my work as a hypnotherapist in Zurich I have many different clients. My clients for hypnotherapy range in age from 12 years to 96 years. Hypnosis can be helpful at any age. Also professionally, the clients of my hypnosis practice are very diverse. From bank managers to students. There are also more and more clients from the health sector. Doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists are also discovering more and more the effects of hypnosis on their patients. Many have also noticed for themselves that hypnosis can help them.
Hypnose in Zürich

The hypnotherapist from and in Zurich

I grew up in Albisrieden in District 9. So I know Zurich and its attitudes very well. I also did my training as a hypnotherapist in Zurich, namely with Dr. Erich Zulauf. Now I am also co-trainer for these hypnosis courses and train future hypnotists from all over Switzerland.


I also offer hypnosis coaching. As a hypnosis coach I combine both with success. This way we find the approach that suits you best. Due to demand from my existing clients, I have also been offering couple therapy since March 2018. If you would like to feel the connection with your partner again on an unconscious level, this might be an idea for you. Hypnosis includes so much that there is almost nothing that it does not help with. Both against problems and for the improvement of good things. Hypnotherapy can help you against alcohol and anxiety, against eating disorders or against irritable bowel syndrome. But hypnosis can also help you to gain more self-confidence or sleep better. One of the most popular areas of application is also smoking cessation.

Hypnotherapy Zurich

Hypnotherapy, or hypnosis therapy as it is also called, is becoming increasingly popular in Zurich. This is why more and more people find their way to a hypnosis practice. Interestingly, hypnotherapy is not usually chosen as the first method of therapy in Zurich.

Hypnosis near me

Neighbourhoods close to the hypnosis practice

Things to do close to Mion Hypnosis Zurich

Ready for Hypnosis?

Book an appointment and make the first step towards hypnotic success.
Book an appointment
Mion Hypnose Zürich Enge
Breitingerstrasse 21
8002 Zürich
Mion Hypnose Zürich Hottingen
Ilgenstrasse 4
8032 Zürich
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