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hypnotherapy for allergies

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Treat your allergies with hypnosis

Treating allergies with hypnosis

Allergies range from troublesome to dangerous and affect the quality of life. Hypnosis can reduce the symptoms of allergies or even cure the allergy completely. This has also been scientifically proven.

There are different theories about the increase of allergies. But the fact is: more and more people suffer from allergies. However, it is not clear why this is so.

Nevertheless, the treatment of allergies with hypnosis is one of the least known applications of hypnosis. In fact, most allergy sufferers do not know that it is very well possible to treat allergies with hypnosis. For all those who do not want to suffer from their allergies anymore, hypnosis can bring relief. So that the allergies no longer dominate your life.

Using hypnosis for allergies is so worthwhile because the causes can be treated directly. Not just a part of the bodily functions is considered, but the body as a whole is considered.

Why can hypnotherapy help against allergies?

The answer to this can be found in the immune system. Our immune system helps us fend off threats every day. Whether bacteria, viruses or parasites, everything harmful is rendered harmless by the immune system as quickly as possible.

In order for this to happen as quickly as possible, the leukocytes (white blood cells) patrol our bloodstream, among other things. As soon as they recognize an enemy, they sound the alarm.

The immune system is therefore constantly on the lookout for threats and must be able to distinguish between friend and foe at all times. If it detects an enemy, countermeasures are taken immediately. The whole system is mobilised to render the enemy harmless.

For example, the immune system is given free rein, blood vessels are opened. This is triggered by histamine. This opening of the vessels also leads to watery eyes and a runny nose, which most allergy sufferers know only too well.

So our immune system protects us day and night against negative influences from outside. It also has a great influence on our entire body.

But where does it all go wrong with allergy sufferers?

In allergy sufferers, the immune system recognizes harmless things like animal hair or peanuts as a dangerous enemy. If harmless substances are recognized as the enemy, they become allergens. The misjudgement leads to the body being seen as threatened and the entire immune system mobilizes its defenses to get rid of the enemy. This is the same or similar to a bacterial infection, but with something harmless. It is so to speak shooting at sparrows with cannons.

That is why allergies are also referred to as an overreaction of the immune system. Depending on how great the danger is classified by the immune system, the reaction can be very strong. It can even lead to anaphylactic shock.

However, it is generally exaggerated, as the allergic reaction itself is often the real danger.

The immune system also wants to protect the allergy sufferer from attackers. But since it is confused about who is friend and foe it hurts itself in its confusion. It learns that the allergens are hostile. Thus the immune reaction can also become stronger and stronger, because often no too violent reaction was triggered at the first contact.

Hypnosis for allergy treatment

The goal of hypnosis in allergies is of course the healing of the allergy. To do this, the confusion of the immune system must be dissolved so that it can once again classify the allergens as harmless.

Once this happens the allergy is cured. This can not only happen with hypnosis, often this happens by itself. This is often called "outgrowing" of the allergy. This shows us that the allergy does not have to be a constant companion, but can also be cured.

If the complete cure with hypnosis is not yet possible, then often the relief of the symptoms is the answer. This means that the allergen is still recognized as an enemy, but no longer as so threatening that even less reaction is sufficient.

The unconscious and the immune system

The immune system is only a part of our unconscious. Already in 1974 it was proven that the psyche has an influence on the immune system. This means that different conscious and unconscious parts are connected with the immune system. Science is not quite clear how allergies arise. What is clear is that allergies are based on a disturbance of the immune system.

Since hypnosis has been proven to relieve the symptoms of allergies, it can be concluded that allergies also have a psychological component.

Since the immune system is mainly responsible for border control, it is obvious that allergies also have something to do with one's own borders.

As always, there is no such thing as "the allergy". That is why hypnosis is also successful for allergies if we consider the allergy sufferer as a whole and do not just focus on the allergy in question.

Treatment with hypnosis

When we recognize in hypnosis what triggers and maintains the allergy, we can get to the root of these causes.

Sometimes this means to solve something from childhood. Sometimes it means to better protect your own limits. Sometimes it means to close a leak of your own. There are different approaches to hypnosis for allergies and a well-trained hypnotherapist selects the appropriate treatment.


One of the triggers of many diseases is stress. Stress is also mentioned as one of the triggering factors in allergies. The treatment of stress with hypnosis is a very effective area. This is of course also an important part of hypnosis therapy for allergy treatment.

Be careful with allergy suggestions

Caution is required when treating an allergy that causes a violent reaction. As an example from the USA shows, the hypnotic suggestion of an allergen can already trigger an allergic reaction. This means that an allergic reaction can only be triggered by our thoughts. On the one hand, this reminds us to be careful when treating allergies with hypnosis, on the other hand it is further proof of how rewarding hypnosis can be in allergy treatment.

On the one hand, this warns us to be cautious in the treatment of allergies through hypnosis, on the other hand, it is further proof of how rewarding hypnosis can be in the treatment of allergies.

I have had some good successes in the treatment of allergies, e.g. in the treatment of cat allergies, pollen allergies and food allergies.

Experience with allergy treatment

When we use hypnosis for allergies, it makes it possible to restore the inner balance to remove the confusion of the immune system. Experience shows us that it is even possible that during the treatment the dripping nose stops running.

Especially for hay fever it is worth making an appointment in spring to check the results directly. Very often, however, the first sessions are mainly aimed at reducing the symptoms and containing the allergic reaction. It has already happened that somebody did not have all their allergies except one. Then we know that they still need treatment.

It has also happened that someone was no longer allergic to certain substances after a session, but still had other allergies. We then know that they still need treatment.


The hypnosis therapy can be a great help for allergy sufferers. In addition, hypnosis can even be decisive for a cure of the allergy. This is because hypnosis reduces the unconscious overreaction of the immune system and has a positive influence on the psyche.

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