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Hypnotherapy against negative thoughts

With Jan Mion

Let go of constant negative thinking with the hypnotic trance

There are people who think more than others. However, if the thoughts become a constant brooding, then this can limit the quality of life. Those who brood a lot often have trouble being spontaneous and living in the moment. Often thoughts revolve around the same or similar things, without significant success.

Especially in the evening, when nothing else is going on, the carousel of thoughts can spin freely. This often leads to little or poor sleep.

Negative thinking also takes the form of self-criticism in many sufferers. Mental self-mortification often also has a negative impact on self-confidence.

Sometimes the constant headaches can also lead to depressive moods or depression.

As a remedy there are many great advices like "just be in the moment" or "just think positive" which in most cases are hardly realizable and not very helpful. Often the greatest stress also results from the fact that one does not want to brood around and does it anyway. Here there are also overlaps with procrastination.

Breaking out of brooding often requires a basic reset of thinking, and hypnosis can create that.

Causes for rumination

Thought spiral topics are often in the following areas:

  • Past situation
  • Conflicts
  • Decisions
  • philosophical considerations
  • unfinished tasks
  • unpleasant emotions
  • negative future scenarios

All of them usually have the common characteristic that overthinking cannot change anything. So thoughts are wasted energy in almost all cases.

Often they are also "what ifs" or other fantasies that could hardly have been different in reality or that are very unlikely.

Constant brooding from a hypnotic point of view

Basically, problems can be solved by two systems within us. These two have many names: Heart and Head, Mind and Instinct, or Conscious and Unconscious. When one of these systems cannot solve something, the other usually takes over. If this switch or transition is blocked, then thoughts may be stuck. This often involves cases where the head cannot find a suitable solution, but the gut feeling or instinct is not trusted. The brooding thus often arises when one bites down on a problem or topic in this way. If something keeps coming up inside, it is often because this topic has not yet been emotionally closed or because it supports self-held judgments about oneself. Often there is also a kind of inner conflict, where inner parts stand in each other's way.

Thus, overthinking is not exactly the same as "being in thought". Being in thought is less stressful and it is often a kind of escape. Hypnosis can help with both, so you're in the right place anyway.

If the head claims all resources for itself and allows nothing else, then there is no more room for change. Often brooding is also accompanied by negative feelings, such as fear, shame, anger and thus stress. Physical tension can also be a symptom. Less or poorer sleep is also associated with it when thoughts are stuck.

Those who put a lot of pressure on themselves with brooding thinking often also hinder themselves. The conscious mind blocks the natural problem solving of the unconscious mind.

Hypnosetherapie for overthinking

If the natural flow of thoughts and emotions is blocked and a negative form of thinking results from it, then the goal should be to get back into the natural flow of thoughts. For this, it is important to interrupt the thought vortex. For this purpose, hypnosis is very suitable as a therapy. In hypnotic trance most people experience a kind of reset and relief. That is why hypnosis is also used, for example, as a relaxation method in case of overstrain. In the hypnotic state it is also possible to take a step back and remove oneself from the vortex. This can often help. The same applies to hypnotherapy against stress.

Self view

A certain self-acceptance is also necessary to escape the circling thoughts. If we want to stop brooding, then we often have to reduce our self-demands or learn to take negative things less to heart. If we become self-aware with hypnosis, that is, consciously notice how we deal with ourselves, then this can often already bring about a reduction.

In order to stop the constant brooding, it is also important as a second step to direct the interpretation of the stressful emotions and thoughts in a more pleasant direction. You can't turn everyone into an optimist with hypnosis, but it is certainly possible to steer the focus in a more positive direction.

Sort tasks

Finding the optimal balance between conscious and unconscious problem solving is often an important issue to stop studying around. For this reason, it is also important to become a good team with your own unconscious and also to notice where the head-heavy is not effective. Confidence in the future also comes from trusting one's gut and ability to be spontaneous. These are both parts of the unconscious.


Hypnotherapy is very suitable to stop brooding and to stop overthinking. With the help of hypnotic trance, the whirlpools of thoughts can be interrupted and the flow of thoughts can be directed in a positive direction.

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