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Hypnotherapy for Burnout Syndrome

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Hypnosis against burnout

Nowadays, burnout has been called a widespread disease. So many have already achieved good results with hypnosis therapy for burnout.

For anyone who is no longer resilient after a burnout, or would like to prevent a threatening burnout, hypnosis is warmly recommended.

Burnout is not known to be a clearly defined disease, but there are certain patterns.

These are usually unconscious in nature and often very much linked to one's own identity. The observations of orthodox psychology and the hypnotic view overlap in this respect.

Therefore, in the burnout treatment with hypnosis, we move away from pure thinking, from pure must and should, and go one level deeper. The treatment of burnout with hypnosis therapy facilitates the way back into a balanced life.

Causes of burnout

There are many factors that can promote burnout. Most of the time it is work, but it can also lead the family or certain stressful relationships to the point where the burnout stops.

Most people with burnout have something essential in common: they do not listen to themselves (well enough).

Of course, the word "burnout" in the sense of "burn out" is a good term. Especially for business people it sounds better than "exhaustion depression".

This burnout comes from going over your limit for a long time. This is only possible if you ignore all warnings.

So if you do not listen to yourself, who do you listen to?

Now, if you do not define yourself from the inside, you are defined from the outside. Those who ignore themselves rarely do so for themselves. Those who ignore themselves over a longer period of time in such a way that the body can only pull the emergency brake, have obviously put much more externally than their own needs.

Even those who have driven themselves into collapse in order to be "better than the others" or "perfect" let the inside be influenced by the outside.

Anyone who adapts to external demands without control and thus pursues unsatisfactory goals or makes seemingly unattainable demands on himself has the long and repetitive stress that is often the cause of burnout.

If you now think as a reader: "That's not true, I caused my exhaustion myself" then you do again what led you here: You won't leave yourself alone.

How to define your own identity, whether from the outside or the inside, is something you are often taught in childhood. Sometimes not even explicitly, but by looking. Children usually take over the atmosphere of their parents and when they have adopted the figurative sense of "only those who perform are worth something" or "you are what others think of you" or "only perfect is good enough", then the foundation for burnout is laid. (By the way, these were all attitudes of real clients from my practice).

In general, this puts the value of the exterior over the self value.

Then all you need to do is obey these rules and of course a lot of hard work to collapse at some point.

Physical and psychological effects

If one's own inner attitude of "one should" or "one should" goes beyond one's own energy limits, then it is all the more understandable that the unconscious is stepping more and more firmly on the brakes. The mental and physical exhaustion can become greater and greater.

Headaches, fatigue or even physical pain or intestinal problems can be the prompt to stop.

Also psychologically there are mostly stop signals. On the one hand, these can be dejection, depression and lack of drive. On the one hand, there is also irritability and cynicism. A wounded tiger fights the hardest as is known.

If one's own wishes or values are ignored, a feeling of worthlessness and inner emptiness is not surprising.

The sense for oneself is more and more suppressed to be efficient. Because of this the whole senselessness and humorlessness is a logical consequence.

These symptoms can be stress-inducing and stress-inducing at the same time. Because this one-sided way of life often produces even more problems.

Treatment of burnout with hypnosis therapy

Many people who are "suffering from burnout" feel helpless at first. Some also see themselves as victims of their circumstances. This is true in a certain way, but the goal is to have an influence.

You don't necessarily have to look for a new job for positive changes. Often it is enough if you don't put up with everything anymore.

This is easier said than done for the conscious mind. But if we have hypnosis on our side, we can directly address the unconscious. The goal is that what has come from the outside in the past will come from the inside afterwards. Every human being can develop a sense for himself in all areas and whoever wants to heal his burnout must first heal his soul.

Living instead of functioning

Neither one's identity nor fulfillment should come from "functioning" or from work. The healing time of burnout also depends on how quickly one finds one's way to this healthy inner being and how quickly one abandons old demands on oneself.

Only when you fully stand by yourself can you really get away from burnout and avoid relapses.

In hypnotherapy we also develop the inner strength and determination to draw boundaries and say "no" when it becomes too much.

A careful use of one's own energy also needs the inner permission to put one's own needs above others. That is why we work towards this goal.

Inner Balance

Many people mistakenly believe that balance comes from "a bit of one and a bit of the other". However, this is not the case.

We do not want to "sleep a bit and be a bit awake". A life in balance comes from being fully awake and fully asleep.

This inner balance makes it possible to become fully efficient again even in certain phases, as long as it is balanced with full, shameless recovery.

I write "shamelessly" because many burnout sufferers tell of a bad conscience when they are not "doing". Such nonsense is also rigorously hypnotized away and replaced by a healthy self-respect.

Conclusion Hypnosis for Burnout

The treatment of burnout requires a certain inner attitude change. These attitudes are usually deeply rooted in one's own identity. In order to start defining oneself from the inside instead of the outside, one needs access to unconscious processes. These can be influenced by hypnosis.

For this reason hypnosis therapy is a very good therapy method to treat burnout.

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