Jan Mion

(formerly Jan Zeyer)
If you are looking for a qualified hypnotherapist for successful hypnosis therapy, you have come to the right place.

Your english speaking hypnotherapist in Zurich

During my childhood my father did research on alternative and complementary medicine. At that time I had my first experience with hypnosis. Later, during my studies of psychology, my interest in hypnosis came back. Through my father I came to the courses of Dr. Erich Zulauf. I was the youngest participant by far, but I soon realized that hypnosis moves exactly in the field where my interests and abilities lie. 

This fact did not go unnoticed and so I could start my further education after finishing my diploma as the youngest assistant of Dr. Erich Zulauf. Since 2020, I have also been working as a co-trainer in the hypnosis training courses of Zulauf Communications. One can never learn all of hypnosis, it is as rich in nuances and facets as humans themselves and meanwhile I have accumulated more than 1500 hours of training . Be it in a therapy or a coaching session, be it to realize potentials or to solve problems, I like to advise and coach people of all kinds. 

My training and experience allow me to find the right thing for you.
Jan Mion

Jan in Numbers

Keep on keeping on
Since 2015

Self-employed hypnotherapist


Hours of hypnosis training


Sessions with clients

Advanced training

Hypnosis of Motivation
Metaphoric Hypnosis
Conversational hypnosis
Hypnotherapy of pain
Hypnotherapy of eating disorders
Hypnotherapy of obsessive-compulsive disorders
Hypnosis of epigenetics

Real solutions

What I can do for you

One-on-one sessions

Finding solutions with hypnotherapy or coaching

hypnosis education

Hypnosis training from the ground up.


Informations about hypnosis and hypnotherapy at your event


My values

Rule 1: Follow your own rules

As a therapist authenticity is important to me. Everything I recommend I also do myself. I am living the hypno-lifestyle and for example start every day with self-hypnosis. This way I am combining intuition, experience and knowledge. And my clients can be sure that I only use what really works.

Therapy should live

When my clients confide me their problems, of whatever kind, they give me their trust. To repay that trust with "therapeutic distance" would be wrong to me. That is why I never want a sterile atmosphere. In my sessions one can laugh, swear, cry and everything inbetween. Because real emotions bring real results.

People as a priority

The brain is so very connected, that it is impossible to look at something in isolations. If something cannot be solved by oneself, there is probably a system that props it up. To solve these persistent problems I need a full picture of my clients. That is why I don't treat diagnoses, I treat people

The solution in you

Most people have more in them, than they actually use. That is why I am convinced that everyone carries the solutions to their issues with them. If the subcounscious does something, it can also not do it. By activating your inner ressources you are ready for the future and have permanent results.
"My goal for you: confidence, health and lots of energy"

Do you feel like there's more to you?

Then you're probably right

Most people have more ressources than they actually use. My job is it to find those ressources and make them usable.
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If we go about our day to day life as a team with our subconscious, we activate ressources were idle before. This way I make my clients ready for their best in body and mind. This is how the incredible results of hypnosis are achieved

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