When you've had enough of the hustle and bustle of the world, it's time to relax. However, more and more people have a problem with being able to relax. The inner restlessness and tension can cling to you even in a quiet environment. In such moments, hypnosis can provide more relaxation.

In hypnosis we communicate with the inner parts of the human being, the so-called unconscious, and thus we can calm down inner processes and circling thoughts. Furthermore, we can directly influence the inner atmosphere.

Thus, hypnosis is very suitable for shutting down and relaxing.

Deep relaxation with hypnosis

Hypnosis in itself often brings a certain pleasant relaxation. However, if the contact with oneself is not necessarily positive, that is, if perhaps we do not fully trust or like ourselves. So there are some experts of tension, which can remain unrelaxed even in hypnosis.

So we know: certain conditions are needed to use hypnosis for full and longer lasting relaxation.


The fundamental for relaxation hypnosis is trust. Not only in the hypnotist, but especially in his own unconscious. Many people who find it difficult to relax have a tendency to want to control everything with their head. This often stems from a certain lack of basic trust or trust in one's own unconscious, which communicates with gut feeling or instinct.

If we trust our unconscious parts, then we can also be relaxed on the way, even if we can't control everything. When we let go of control, we can also slip into a relaxed hypnotic trance and find that balance between conscious and unconscious and inside and outside.

Let go

If you are constantly ruminating on something, then this can effectively prevent inner peace. If we don't want to block our relaxation, then we can use hypnosis to stay in the now and silence the blah blah in our head. If we can let go of the heavy thoughts, then inner peace comes more easily.

Let the world be the world

In the world and on the Internet, there is something to learn, see or do at any time. However, all this prevents relaxation. Very quickly, the hectic mood from the outside can creep in inside.

For optimal relaxation, one should partially isolate oneself from the outside world and focus inward. The hypnotic trance gives us exactly these possibilities. In hypnosis we can direct the focus and thus come more and more to rest.

Finding and staying with yourself

Many people have trouble staying with themselves. That means they let themselves be lured out of their inner peace by people, events or deadlines. In such states, the self is often faded out. For this reason it is important to find yourself and stay with yourself.

With hypnosis we can find this inner calm and thus not react tense to everything.

Calm yourself with hypnosis

The same amount of active energy can also become calm energy. That is, when we are fully active, we can change this directly into a deep, powerful calm. However, this change requires an influence. This can be done either by yourself or, if that doesn't work, by a hypnotherapist.


Relaxation with hypnosis brings many benefits. The biggest one is probably regeneration. Stress and tension bring our whole system into the state of emergency. This reduces, for example, by means of stress hormones, many internal processes of regeneration and healing.

A good relaxation helps us to recharge the batteries and to do what needs to be done refreshed. For this, the relaxation does not even necessarily have to be long, often only a few minutes are enough.

Figuratively speaking: Who can let his paws dangle like the tiger on the branch, can tackle other things afterwards full of energy and calmness


Hypnosis can help to achieve such a relaxed state and turn inner restlessness into serenity. Everything needed for relaxation hypnosis can be learned hypnotically.

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