Is hypnosis covered by health insurance?


If you have decided to undergo hypnosis or hypnotherapy, the question often arises as to whether health insurance companies pay for hypnosis. Since I get this question so often, I have asked all the statutory health insurance companies in Switzerland and here is the answer to the question of whether the health insurance company pays for hypnotherapy:

Health insurance companies that recognize hypnosis - Insurance List Switzerland 2023

As you can see in the following table, Switzerland is a developing country when it comes to the recognition of hypnosis by health insurance companies.

NameÜbernimmt Hypnose?VoraussetzungEmail
EGK Grundversicherungen AGJAEGK-SUN 80% bis max. CHF 480 für Hypnosetherapie [email protected]
rhenusanaJA ABERASCA-/EMR-Anerkennung [email protected]
SWICA Kranken-versicherung AGJA ABEREntwöhnung von Suchtmittel mit Zusatz PRAEVENTA[email protected]
HelsanaJA ABERNur für Geburtsvorbereitung bis max. CHF 500.- pro Kalenderjahr[email protected]
CSS Kranken- Versicherung AGNEIN[email protected]
Moove Sympany AGNEIN[email protected]
Sumiswalder KrankenkasseNEIN[email protected]
Genossenschaft Krankenkasse SteffisburgNEIN[email protected]
CONCORDIA Schweiz. Kranken- und Unfallver-NEIN[email protected]
Atupri Gesundheits- versicherungNEIN[email protected]
Krankenkasse Luzerner HinterlandKEINE AUSKUNFT OHNE VERSICHERTENNUMMER[email protected]
KPT Krankenkasse AGNEIN[email protected]
ÖKK Kranken- und Unfallversicherungen AGNEIN[email protected]
Vivao Sympany AGNEIN[email protected]
Kolping Krankenkasse AGNEIN[email protected]
Easy Sana Assurance Maladie SANEIN[email protected]
Genossenschaft Glarner KrankenversicherungNEIN[email protected]
Cassa da malsauns LUMNEZIANANEIN[email protected]
KLuG Krankenver sicherungNEIN[email protected]
Genossenschaft KRANKENKASSE SLKKNEIN[email protected]
sodalis gesundheitsgruppeNEIN[email protected]
Caisse-maladie de la vallée d’EntremontNEIN[email protected]
Krankenkasse Institut IngenbohlNEIN[email protected]
Stiftung Krankenkasse WädenswilNEIN[email protected]
Krankenkasse BirchmeierNEIN[email protected]
Krankenkasse Stoffel, MelsKEINE AUSKUNFT OHNE VERSICHERTENNUMMER[email protected]
AMB Assurances SANEIN[email protected]
Sanitas Grundversicherungen AGNEIN[email protected]
Visana AGNEIN[email protected]
Agrisano Krankenkasse AGNEIN[email protected]

I got the initial list from the FOPH's directory of health insurers. The request to the Swiss basic insurers was more laborious than expected. I asked them directly whether they would cover hypnosis or hypnotherapy. Most of them understood the request, but there were health insurers who refused to provide information without me being insured with them. I have noted this in the table. With the exception of Swica, I have not included basic insurers from whom I did not receive a reply in the table.

Does basic insurance cover hypnosis?

Basic health insurance in Switzerland does not cover the costs of hypnotherapy. This also applies to medical hypnosis and even if other therapy methods have not been successful. Without supplementary insurance, hypnosis is not covered by health insurance and is not a health insurance benefit,

EMR/ASCA recognition

Unfortunately, many insurance companies rely on the private company called EMR (short for Erfahrungsmedizinisches Register) to recognize therapy methods. Contrary to all scientific findings, this company excludes hypnosis. The competitor certificate of the ASCA of the Foundation for Complementary Medicine, on the other hand, recognizes hypnotherapy as a therapy method. Unfortunately, of the insurance companies we asked, only rhenusana referred to this label.

Conclusion Hypnosis Health Insurance Switzerland

In principle, hypnotherapy is therefore not recognized by health insurance companies in Switzerland. Only 4 of the insurances requested pay for hypnosis under the right circumstances and only the EGK pays for hypnosis with every therapist and for every topic.

Frequently asked questions

Does health insurance pay for hypnosis in Switzerland?

In principle, basic health insurance does not cover hypnosis. However, with supplementary insurance from EGK and rhenusana, a portion is covered.

When does health insurance pay for hypnosis therapy in Switzerland?

Basic insurance never pays for hypnosis as it is not part of the basic cover. Supplementary insurers base their decision to cover costs on labels such as EMR/ASCA or on certain fields of treatment.

Does health insurance pay for hypnosis for smoking cessation?

EGK and rhenusana pay for hypnosis to stop smoking with the right supplementary insurance.

Does health insurance cover the costs of weight loss with hypnosis?

EGK and rhenusana pay for hypnosis for weight loss with the right supplementary insurance.

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