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Learn hypnosis from the pros
Whether for professional or personal development: the ability to hypnotize successfully makes all the difference. With 30 years of combined experience of the instructors and based on 40 years of hypnotherapy work by Dr. Erich Zulauf, you will learn the best of all hypnosis: the hypnosis that works in real life.

Hypnosis diploma training

In person on site | Practical exercises | Live demonstrations
Get your Diploma in 7 weekends
Detailed script with explanations and instructions
Experience-building group exercises
Ongoing support from the lecturers
Entire spectrum of hypnosis: clinical, medical, show hypnosis etc.
Degree Hypnotherapist EZC
Start on your path to success
4950 CHF
incl. diploma fee
Payable in installments 11 x 500Fr
Dates 2024
October to December
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Jan Mion Hypnose Ausbildung Trainer

What you will learn

Everything you need to be successful in hypnosis
Recognize and create trance
Using trance phenomena for change
Managing states within yourself and others
Develop personalized hypnosis procedures
Hypnosis techniques for therapy
Clinical and medical hypnosis
Creating a hypnotic atmosphere
Conduct optimal client sessions

What will I learn during my training?

Hypno 1: Practitioner
The basics of trance and hypnosis
Hypnose Ausbildung Hypno 1 Logo noBG
Creating and changing trance
Inviting the unconscious mind
Create trance phenomena
Hypno 2: Master
Using hypnosis for positive change
Hypnosetherapie Ausbildung Master Logo noBG
Creating and changing trance
Inviting the unconscious
Create trance phenomena
Hypno 3: Pro
Hypnotherapy for professional use
Hypnose Therapie Ausbildung Hypno 3 Pro Logo noBG
Hypnotherapy techniques
Using hypnosis for healing
Design Treatments

The two hypnosis lecturers

Jan Mion Hypnose Dozent

Jan Mion

Hypnotherapist and Trainer at Mion Hypnose
Jan Mion discovered hypnosis during his psychology studies when he attended Dr. Erich Zulauf's hypnosis training course.

With further education and training, he was the youngest recipient of the ezc 3-star and hypnosis trainer diploma.

With this knowledge and experience, he has built up a successful hypnosis practice and successfully treats psychological and physical issues of all kinds. These successes have made him well known beyond the borders of Switzerland.

When external circumstances forced him to work online, he further developed the methods of online hypnotherapy and now works with clients from all over the world via the Internet.
Michael Schmidt Hypnose Dozent

Michael Schmidt

Hypnotherapist and trainer at Schmidt Hypnose
Unfulfilled with his work as a successful CFO and
foreign exchange and commodity futures trader on the international stock exchanges, Michael Schmidt decided that there had to be more to life. His search for that certain something has taken him around the world.

He visited Indian gurus, shamans, healers and places of power all over the world, assisted Tony Robbins and ended up with Dr. Erich Zulauf and hypnosis, among others.

With his talent and empathy, he has successfully used hypnosis for therapy since 2001 and has led seminars on various topics.

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Training formats

Different aspects of learning require different formats. For optimal learning of hypnosis, we basically need four different methods of learning.

In this way you get all the important aspects for the successful application of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. These include: Knowledge, experience, intuition and positive experiences


  • Knowledge transfer
  • Processes and in-depth information
  • Supplementary to the script
Hypnose Training Format Theorie lernen


  • Exercises demonstrated by lecturers
  • Learning by example
  • Questions for hypnotists and hypnotistsand
Hypnose Training Format Demonstration

Group excersises

  • Hypnotising yourself
  • Exercises on various topics
  • Gather experience and feedback
Hypnosetherapie Ausbildung Gruppen Uebung

Group Trance

  • Consolidate what you have learned
  • Complete experience of hypnosis
  • Reinforce group dynamics
Hypnose Training Format Gruppendemo

Hypnosis Training Cost

Save 500 Fr.
1 payment of
4'950 Fr. 
Let's go
Total 5'500 Fr.
6 payments of
916.66 Fr.*
* first installment due in advance
Let's go
Total 5'500 Fr.
11 payments of
500 Fr.* 
* first installment due in advance
Let's go
The full price is made up as follows:
Hypno 1: 1500Fr.
Hypno 2: 1500Fr.
Hypno 3: 2500Fr.

The course parts can also be booked individually.

The path to becoming a hypnotherapist

Hypno 1

Practitioner: Learning hypnosis for beginners
Prerequisite: None
In this first part of the course we will discover the world of the unconscious and the possibilities of trance. In the first few days, participants will learn how to hypnotize themselves and others. The hypnotic language and knowledge of hypnotic phenomena will be taught.

Hypno 2

Master: Learn hypnotherapy
Prerequisite: Hypnotic training of 7 days (e.g. OMNI, NLP) etc.
In the second part of the course, learning hypnotherapy begins with finding the potential for change in trance, recognizing unconscious causes and stimulating change in trance. Participants also learn how to positively influence the conscious/unconscious relationship and what is really needed for hypnotic change.

Hypno 3

Pro: Medical and clinical hypnosis
Voraussetzung: Hypno 2
The last part of the course teaches all the skills needed to use hypnosis successfully in therapy. The applications discussed are both physical and psychological in nature and participants learn to adapt hypnotherapy to the individual circumstances of the person being treated.

Hypnose Therapie Ausbildung

If you want to do more than just train as a hypnotist, the parts of Hypno 2 and 3 are even more valuable. Here the hypnotherapeutic approaches are taught that have proven themselves in practice over many years. The best hypnosis training is only as good as the graduates' ability to solve problems.

We can divide the therapy into two areas.

Clinical Hypnosis

We cannot offer comprehensive training to become a hypnotherapist without teaching the psychotherapeutic application. Even though some people may rely excessively on terms, our hypnosis training courses are also training courses for clinical hypnosis.
However, as we are not the biggest fans of overly strict diagnoses, certain aspects of psychological complaints are discussed in general and not specifically named. This approach has proved successful, as it gives lay people the right framework and professionals the most effective tools.
Klinische Hypnosetherapie lernen
Medizinische Hypnose

Medical Hypnosis

Medical hypnosis is another rewarding area of application for hypnotherapy. The findings and developments of Dr. Erich Zulauf are world-leading, especially in medical hypnosis.
It is important to us that our content is based on both scientific findings and medical examinations. For example, we teach hypnotic pain relief, e.g. for chronic pain, but always emphasize that these methods should only be used after medical clarification and for support.
We are therefore grateful to conventional medicine and would nevertheless like to supplement it in areas where there are clear deficits. For example, we regularly have doctors on our hypnotherapy training courses who have been very satisfied with our content.

Learn hypnosis from the ground up

Hypnosis is a vast field. So vast, in fact, that some people say that almost everything that works is hypnosis. From the intentional placebo effect to experiencing other states of consciousness, hypnosis is scientifically based and yet it seems magical at the same time.

For this reason, our aim in our training is to do justice to the "both and". Good hypnosis training combines subjective experience with objective theory. That is why we have made it our goal to offer the most complete training in hypnosis.

Whatever you want to learn hypnosis for: there is something for everyone. We have even jumped over our shadows as hypnotherapists and introduce elements of show hypnosis. Not to use them therapeutically, but so that our participants can experience and learn the full spectrum of hypnosis. However, such elements are small and we focus our energy mainly on therapeutically effective hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis course: contents in detail

Die Inhalte der Hypnoseausbildung sind so vielfältig wie die Hypnose selbst.

Learn to hypnotize

The use of hypnosis encompasses a number of skills. We learn to bring someone into a hypnotic trance by means of hypnosis inductions or hypnosis inductions. It is also important to deepen this, e.g. by means of hypnotic phenomena.
It is said that you cannot not communicate.

It is also said that the unconscious is always listening in. This means that, in principle, everyone "hypnotizes" even in everyday life.
Realizing where and how this everyday hypnosis works is also part of learning hypnosis. After all, hypnosis is not only found in a formal trance with closed eyes.
Hypnotisieren lernen
Das ganze Spektrum der Hypnose erlernen

Holistic hypnosis

One of the fundamental learning aspects of our hypnosis training is to pick up the client in their trance experience. That is why we attach great importance to the participants learning to perceive the hypnotized person as a whole and not just to focus on the problem. Because even if certain basic principles are similar, not everyone who has the same problem is the same. So if we allow the client's personal experience to flow into the hypnosis, the effect can be many times greater.
In our courses, we don't just memorize a script for a particular problem, but the participants learn to read the clients hypnotically. They not only use the structures and formats from the courses but also all their conscious resources such as experience, knowledge and imagination.

The language of the subconscious mind

Participants in the Hypno 1-3 courses repeatedly mention how important it was to learn the hypnotic language. This is the language that is hypnotic in itself, i.e. has a trance-inducing effect. In contrast to everyday language, hypnotic language is designed to communicate directly with the unconscious. This means that while in other courses the voice is distorted, here you learn the language of the unconscious.
Die Sprache des Unbewussten

Hypnotic Atmosphere

Dr. Erich Zulauf's more than 30 years of experience in the treatment of physical symptoms led to the development of the so-called "Hypnosomatics" formats. The treatment of physical symptoms with hypnosis is still a closed book in many places.

In the Hypno 1-3 courses, however, this is a regular part of the training.
More and more research in the field of the "body-mind" connection proves that the psyche as a whole has an influence on health. It is precisely these aspects that are addressed and taught. And not as competition to chemical medicine, but as a supplement.
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Hypnosis training in English in Switzerland

The hypnosis training takes place in Zurich at Ilgenstrasse 4 in 8032 Zurich. The training location is easy to reach from the main station by streetcar line 3. Parking spaces are available on request.


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