State and action at the same time

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the way and the state of connection between the unconscious (subconscious) and the conscious mind. This state is also called trance. The hypnotic state is known to most people as a kind of "flow state" in which everything flows by itself. In the hypnotic trance state we usually feel carried and inwardly connected. Since we feel in the hypnotic trance between conscious and unconscious, the two worlds mix together. So daydreaming is also very hypnotic. Unconscious twitching or the distortion of time also belong to the trance phenomena. Hypnosis is everything that is not made conscious. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

The hypnotic trance

All people experience hypnotic trance every day. At least just before falling asleep and just before waking up we all experience the state of hypnosis. So hypnosis is not only possible with a hypnotist who whispers suggestions to us. Most people can also experience themselves as hypnotized, for example when they look out of the window on the train. In the hypnotic trance we are "here" and also "not here" it is also often described as concentrated digression. However, the conscious mind always remains active. So we are never quite "gone"

Who can do hypnosis?

You do not have to be a hypnotist, a hypnosis therapist or a hypnosis coach to be hypnotic. Actually, we almost always hypnotize when we are dealing with a human being. Because hypnosis is also unconscious communication. So the direct communication with the unconscious. That means we actually do it almost every day. If we also count self-hypnosis as hypnosis, then all daydreaming in everyday life counts as hypnosis. So we are all able to learn hypnosis.

What can hypnosis do?

Hypnosis has many applications. Mostly, however, it is not used under the name of hypnosis. Therefore I concentrate on the applications which are also connected with hypnosis by name.

Hypnosis as a state

Hypnosis can be used to guide someone "into hypnosis". Thereby the conscious mind clears the space for the unconscious. In this state many things can happen by themselves. For example, we can remember very well or have coloured pictures in front of our inner eye. Physical phenomena can also occur. Mostly the hypnotic trance also brings a very deep relaxation. The hypnotic state itself is usually very pleasant and most people like to be in a trance. The inner connectedness and clarity as well as creativity are fostered. The hypnotic state is also the goal of many relaxation exercises and meditations.


In hypnosis therapy the properties of hypnosis are used for therapy. In principle, inner resources are encouraged and used for problem solving. Since hypnosis enables access to unconscious resources, hypnotherapy often offers many more possibilities than conventional therapies. Since the unconscious is more active during hypnosis, suggestions are also better received and implemented. Hypnotherapy is therefore useful in almost all areas of human experience.

Medical Hypnosis

Medical hypnosis has turned out to be an area worthy of special mention. Since the entire effect of health also depends on the effect of the unconscious, hypnosis makes many things possible also in medical application. Thereby science finds more and more evidence for the great effect of hypnosis in medicine.

Hypnosis for you

So hypnosis is not only something that happens on television or in a hypnosis practice. Hypnosis is deeply rooted in our daily life. The question is only whether we use it actively. We can divide people into two categories: Those who actively use hypnosis and those who just let hypnosis happen.

What next?

If you also want to experience hypnosis yourself, then I recommend an appointment with a certified hypnosis therapist. If you want to learn hypnosis yourself and want to experience how you can use hypnosis in your everyday life, I recommend you to do a hypnosis training.

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